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Holiday Catch Up


The blog has taken a little time off lately since it’s only writer (me the terrible writer!) has been traveling and listening to jam bands. I’ve finally found my groove in 2014 so I’m ready to get back at updating this thing pretty regularly for those that care.

By the way I’d highly reccomend doing this on your own… you basically are creating a super playlist you can go back and look at years from now. It’ll be like rediscovering gold!

At any rate, here’s a few I’ve been playing over the last week:

Moullinex – To Be Clear (Zimmer Remix)

Clean Bandit – Rather Be (The Magician Remix)

Daft Punk – Lose Yourself to Dance (Deepjack and Mr. Nu Remix)

Pete Oak – No More Gravity




Ahh summer you are missed, but not forgotten… not at least with Zimmer’s release today. This one is back to his original Horizontal Disco sound.
The first demo was written in Mexico city airport after missing a flight to Tulum. Enjoy.

Zimmer – Galapagos


Here are some light tracks I’m listening to today in no particular order:

Pompeya – Power (Zimmer Remix)

Satin Jackets – You Make Me Feel Good

Satin Jackets – Aailyah’s Boat

Eyan – Hard and Close

BlueAzure feat. Chromeo – Sets of Seven (Chris Jylkke Edit)




It’s May 11th and you know what that means?!?! Absolutely nothing, but it is a Friday and I have two tracks that were released today. We’re rolling with the freshy tropical vibe today.

First up we have a new A.N.D.Y. and Vicente tune that runs strong with the beach and is giving some Nu Disco flare by Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver. Holy snyth bass batman. This one is just perfect for the dancefloor. I love the orginal tune, but this suits my Friday sunshine mood much more. The label, Discotexas (of Lisbon, Portugal) does it again. One of the best out there.

The second track is another remix that’s been blessed by the disco gods. A classic Tina Turner jam is given the horizontal disco treatment from Zimmer. If you don’t know this Parisian I suggest you visit his soundcloud page. TinaTURNUP!!!