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Doin’ Time

VOODOO Farm… where you have been they ask?!?

Up until yesterday, I thought my good buddy, videographer, and intergalactic beat maker, Liam Dirlam, was lost to us eager music listeners forever. But alas, he’s back with a track that will be getting airplay through the next few months and ultimately find it’s way as the summer anthem.

Liam Dirlam gives Sublime a completely new look and feel. While Bradley Nowell’s sampled voice gets the most attention don’t sleep on the Jackson 5, The Supremes, Four Tops and Isley Brothers samples. Shit they are more I can’t pick up on at the moment… a galactic summery cocktail if you will that’ll have your clothes in under 5 minutes.

VOODOO FARM’s music is delicious as always, but we can’t sleep on the multi-talented Dirlam’s video making skills. In his words, “My latest music video is made entirely from still photos (no video footage used) that I shot in high-speed “bursts” on my Canon 7D while roadtrippin’ from DC to LA in Feb ’13.

I think we sometimes forget how crazy fucking beautiful this country is from coast to coast– I was hoping to capture some of that on this journey.

Special thanks to my super-talented homies Johnny BLK (bass, guitars, vocals) and Matt Dolliver (sax) for consistently breathing new life into my music. Artists I sampled on this one include: Sublime, The Supremes, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Snoop, The Isley Brothers, J Dilla, Aaron Neville, and the Jackson 5.”

Sublime – Doin’ Time (VOODOO FARM REMIX)





I Don’t Know Why

VOODOO FARM has just released his brand new single ‘I Don’t Know Why’ off of “Hitsville U.S.A.” It’s a 4-track EP that combines classic soul samples with programmed synthesis and live instrumentation. Slated to drop: January 14, 2013.

Liam Dirlam, aka VOODOO FARM, has shifted into high gear with the release of his new EP. Having listened to the whole thing I can assure you it’s great from start to finish. 2013 looks to be a big year for this rising star. Below are  some song notes my buddy Liam sent me. Behind the scenes…

“At the end, you can hear my buddy Johnny BLK and I laughing– I decided to leave that in there so that I will always remember how exciting/fun this recording session was.  We dimmed the lights, fired up a few bowls, and sipped on black coffee for about 10 straight hours.  The two of us discussed various music from the 50s-70s, and tried to figure out how to channel that energy/warmth into this album.  I told Johnny I wanted the guitars on “I Don’t Know Why” to have the same emotion/feel as Eddie Hazel’s epic 10-minute solo in Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain”.  Johnny then ripped through 2 completely improvised tracks which I later re-sampled and panned hard left/right in an attempt to re-create George Clinton’s mixing techniques on that same 1971 album.  Probably my favorite thing about this track is the way the guitars and saxophones (laid down by my buddy Matt Dolliver) sing to each other in different ears throughout the song.” -Liam

VOODOO FARM – I Don’t Know Why


Remember You

In true to form trashjuice style I’ve got some Electro House for you today courtesy of VOODOO FARM. Hey why post the same shit all the time.

VOODOO FARM is the music project of NYC-based DJ/producer/filmmaker Liam Dirlam. By infusing sounds of Electro House/Dubstep/Glitch-Hop/Moomba, and releasing self-made music videos for nearly every track, VOODOO FARM sets himself apart both musically and visually.

VOODOO FARM happens to be one of my best friends but it’s worth noting there’s no bias here. I don’t promote every one of his tracks. The process here is I pretty much post tracks I love and think other people would like. It’s all about sharing because my friends sharing is caring.

At any rate, this track is perfect for some high energy dance floor magic.  The Weeknd’s vocals are perfectly suited for these type of remixes. This definitely reminds me of something you might hear from a late night Abakus set minus the vocal parts.

Be sure the check out the video which VOODOO FARM produced and created himself. I can’t tell you how many times I got sloshed at the place in the video. Also keep an eye out for his debut album “The Weird Circle EP” which  is slated to drop in a few months.

Wiz Khalifa ft. The Weeknd – Remember You (VOODOO FARM Club Remix)


One of my best friends, Liam Squirrlam, just released his new song/video and it may be my favorite one to date. The video is intensely awesome and the song is great. It’s no easy task tackling a Beatles tune. I’d get into a long winded description, but I think I’ll let him speak:

“Dear TrashJuice,

I thought I’d slide you my newest treat, seeing as you are the OW (original wigger) that put me on to electronic music in the first place.
I’ve been messing with this remix for a few months now, performed alternate variations of it to see how people reacted, and finally put together a version I was happy with.  The video is my first crack at cartooning– and this damn thing took WAY longer than I thought it would.
Next time you are in NYC and I don’t wake up in a pool of TrashJuice at least once during your trip, I am burning all of my Panther Heart memorabilia and torching you in a 40 yard dash. (Again.)
Liam Dirlam aka VOODOO FARM”