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Your Hand In Mine

After an epic weekend at the 22nd annul High Sierra Music Festival I’m back to the real world. In typical post festi recovery mode, I’m in the mood for some peaceful and melodic music.

The Polish Ambassador’s remix of an Explosions In The Sky track happens to be perfect for just that. So if you’re having one of those Mondays, throw this on and drift away. You’ll be back in time for the next party asap.

Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine (The Polish Ambassador Remix)


I guess The Polish Ambassador released he hadn’t dropped any fresh tracks in some time so he bestowed upon us this masterful remix of Thievery Corp. I love reppin The Bay Area and DC in one post. Shit’s fresh… check it.

“The flow of life throwing strife into the mix
The big dark condition and the word is sick
The powers that be
A power in me
To speak a cause
Stress and strife that I see every day
And more to speak upon
Culture of fear
It’s up in your ear
They’re telling us terrorists about to strike
May be tonight
Let me just back up slowly
With critical analysis of those who control me
It used to be we just had a screen in the crib
On the TV
But now we carry screens when we leave see
Laptops smart phones now we’re never alone
A new affliction I call it media dome
But on the road famine is the programming
You want to watch a favorite show because it’s so slamming
Hold hands and let’s gaze into the beautiful glare
While we’re here so immersed in this culture of fear”

Thievery Corporation ft. Mr. Lif – Culture Of Fear (The Polish Ambassador Remix)


The Polish Ambassador just released a new tune. From his words: “Greetings spacelings. As promised here is a new, free track released by my friends at False Profit Records. It’s a very emotional track, fusing warm and soulful vocals from the heart of Africa with luscious, full bodied beats from Oakland California… via Outerspace. I hope this is welcome change of pace for all you music lovers and dancers out there. A gift from me to you. Enjoy. ♥”

Tama (Mali) – Snimbe (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Pushing Time

I had just recently posted a Polish Amabassador remix of  a Little Dragon song. This time I have an original track from his other moniker, Ample Mammal. In an interview posted on thedolab.com, he just announced he’ll be coming out with a new EP in a few months. In his words:

“Most people know me as The Polish Ambassador, but when I go out to shows, a lot of folks will ask me about a new Ample Mammal record,” Sugalski shared. “So I’m now prepping a 5 track EP that I’ll put out in the late spring or early autumn.”

“I’m gonna be playing some of that [Ample Mammal material] at King King for sure,” he added. “It’s a little bit more bass-driven, but it’s still got that electro-vibe so that it’s quintessential Polish Ambassador. It’s more downtempo, with the BPM of Dubstep and grime.”

This is one of my favorite tracks of the last Ample Mammal album. Git.

Ample Mammal – Pushing Time

Greetings Earthlings…

The Polish Ambassador, aka David Sagulski, just released his free remix of Little Dragon’s tune “Ritual Union.” He said he had recently become a fan of them so he decided to reach out to their management to get the stems. In his words, it was an honor to be able to remix a group that’s currently blowing up. After his most recently released remix of a Bon Iver track, he said this one has “a little more pep to set your day in motion on a positive note.” I can dig that. Hopefully I’ll make my way over to his show this Friday in San Francisco. He’s headlining along with Phutureprimitive and Bluetech.