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TEED just remixed a Little Dragon track with a french touch. Not in the musical sense, but literal sense. ‘Paris’ is taken from Little Dragon’s new album Nabuma Rubberband.’ It’s given the late night dance floor treatment here and it’s quite enjoyable. Check ‘er out.

Little Dragon – Paris (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Holiday Edit)



Without You


Here’s a fabulous remix from Low Steppa of a Dillon Francis track featuring TEED out tomorrow on Mad Decent. ‘Low Steppa needs little introduction. Since the early years of this millennium he’s been producing some of the finest bass music around under various guises, whilst touring the globe and rocking some of the world’s best parties – from EDC in Los Angeles to Womb in Tokyo.’

Dillon Francis feat. TEED – Without You (Low Steppa Remix)

My Number



I had bookmarked this track to listen to about a week ago. I’m just getting to it and wow what a tune. It had been posted for a mere 5 hours with a couple of thousand views. By the time I get a chance to listen to it (multiple times in a row) it has now amassed almost 200,000 listens in a week. I think its safe to say that TEED has quite a big audience now internationally. Not that it should be a surprise, but about a year ago he was still gaining momentum in the states.

This track, like way too many, makes me think of what house music would sound like in the deep cosmos. Perhaps it’s why I frequently equate space and music. The ethereal vocals compliment the rolling bass and eery synths with a slow moving build to the musical peak are just perfect.

Foals – My Number (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)


Miguel Campbell, of MAM, remixes Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur’s track ‘Stronger.’ What a feel good remix. The original track due out soon on TEED’s album, ‘Trouble,’  is great as is. That album is due out in 4 days and I for one will be purchasing it.

‘Stronger’ been around for a minute so not that I’m sick of it, but it’s just nice to hear a different version of it. This version has me jacked up for the weekend. It’s sgot the prefect weekend summer vibe. Love it Live it.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Stronger (Miguel Campbell Remix)

Tapes & Money Video

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money

I had just posted this song pretty recently, but feel the need to share the video released today. It has some pretty trippy visuals with some live shots from his show this past February in London. Check it out.


“Both the name (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs ) and the music (sweet, fluffy ) are likely to polarize here. Oxford’s Orlando Higginbottom (seems like an improvement now, doesn’t it?), though, has been getting a fair amount of attention lately. His music is married well with his stage shows—ridiculous hats, dancing dinosaurs, etc. The name’s a pretty fitting analogy for his music, too—large, lumbering basslines and loose organic percussion that’s nonetheless detailed and complex. What’s best, though, is the heartwarming and quirky melodies and harmonies in the centre of it all.”

This is his new single, Tapes & Money, which I’ve been searching for ever since I saw it performed live on a youtube vid (posted below). TEED is one of my favorite “new” artists. I will definitely be catching him next time he’s in the ‘states.

T.E.E.D – Tapes & Money (Soundcloud Edit)

Also check out this short documentary. It’s a must see. WATCH IT!