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Here’s a dream team… Joker & Rustie. Rustie adds some extremely colorful sounds on the Joker’s original… space adventure…

Joker – Midnight (Rustie Remix)



“Lost” ft. Redinho’ is Rustie’s new track taken from the album ‘Green Language’ which is out now. Check out this new video which is fuckin awesome.

Rustie – Lost ft. Redinho

Triadzz / Slasherr


Fuck man Rustie brings it just how I prefer it. I love the melodic stuff so much, but sometimes I need something, out there or just something that brings some electronic head banging energy. Well when it comes to the latter I know Rustie’s got my back.

The Glasgow based 20 something has been a favorite of mine since a friend introduced him a ways back. I am consistently blown away by him. Check out his newest two releases.

Rustie – Slasherr

Rustie – Triadzz

After Light

“Coming out of Glasgow’s experimental party scene where wonky acid hip-hop and slaughtered rap edits are regular cellar rave fodder, Rustie (a.k.a. Russell Whyte) has shattered his sound above labels such as Hyperdub, Stuffrecords and Wireblock and is resolutely driving the tumultuous storm that’s shaking up electronic music on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Rustie – After Light

Woaaah hot, dark molten lava fire today. A friend pointed out this fine, fine track that was featured on Rustie’s essential mix. This track has a dark vibe to it… otherworldly if you will. I think the picture above is fitting. Enjoy.

Dreams – Bloodsport


Rustie follows up his success in winning his first award for the hugely praised debut album ‘Glass Swords’ by releasing a new single – a re-worked version of album stand-out track ‘Surph’ now vocalled by rising star Nightwave.

“‘Surph’ is an amalgamation of Rustie’s love for Japanese prog, pop, happy hardcore and Detroit techno. A build up of bleeps and whizzes crashes into Nightwave’s clarion catchy chorus – it’s a rush of exhilarating futuristic pop.”