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Black Noir Schwarz


‘Back with another serious heavy hitter, Crosstown Rebels presents the latest from dream team Psychemagik, ‘Black Noir Schwarz’ ­ their first original production not to be self­released and already championed by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. A club weapon of psychedelically charged, electro­tinged epic proportions, the original is driven by the monster wonky bassline, dark and sultry vocal (from Renata De Sutter aka Renegade) and freaky synths. Spooky keys and chords, and grinding distorted bass bring the track to even murkier depths. Featuring remixes by the legend that is Tensnake as well…’

Psychemagik – Black Noir Schwarz

Psychemagik – Black Noir Schwarz (Tensnake Remix)



Zsa Zsa


Here’s a remix of new Blamma! Blamma! track featuring Kristina Train. ‘In form duo, Psychemagik serve up a funk-laden remix oozing real class. Morphed guitars and synths drive the track, providing a futuristic tone.’

Blamma! Blamma! feat. Kristina Train – Zsa Zsa (Psychemagik Remix)



Cutters Records are pleased to announce the debut vinyl release from their latest signing, the LA based artist KAUF. Since 2011 he has been honing his own dark twist on modern electronic music, with heavy drum production, dense, cinematic synth buildups and high-pitched, echo-laden vocals. His aesthetic lies somewhere in between the worlds of slow house, industrial dance and drony indie pop earning comparisons with the likes of CARIBOU, MATTHEW DEAR and TORO Y MOI.

“So please to have remixed this dope track from Kauf…we’ve taken it to the moon and back again…hope you enjoy!!! Big Thanks to Henrietta of Thrillionaire for her lush vocals. ” – Pyschemagik

KAuf – Relocate (Psychemagik Remix)

Kauf – Relocate

Coming Home


So Boy George is makin a comeback with The Dharma Protocol Project. ‘Pscyhemagik gives the track their trademark treatment of blissed-out disco.’

Boy George and The Dharma Protocol – Coming Homes (Pscyhemagik)



I’ve been listening to this feel good remix from Psychemagik a few times a day since I heard it. It’s such a feel good tune of an amazing original from HAIM. (btw go check out the music video for the original… really cool).

I feel like this is a great transitional song for the seasonal changes approaching. We are awakening out of winter and into the warmth. These are the musical emotions that come to mind when I hear this one. Check er out yourself.

HAIM – Falling (Psychemagik Remix)


“Once upon a time, deep in The Cosmic Forest, was a fabled hideaway. It whispered of masked dreams, ushered in hidden truths. Fantasy and adventure were the alchemy that fueled the fire. With moods so vivid you could almost taste them, imagination flew into the night with wild abandon and Spirits soared.

Eventually, as is its’ nature, modernity found its’ own course and wove a path into the world as we know it.

Living and breathing the air that time forgot are two creatures of ageless beauty. Tucked away in their remote Cosmic Forest studio, Psychemagik embody the lust of wonderment and the endless bliss that is musical treasure. Together, they encapsulate what always was and is always meant to be. Welding away by candle light, their passion for composition and seamless production is enabling a whole universe of lush, delirious, existential explosions of sound to proliferate. Come closer…. Take a peek… Be seduced by twilight… Join them in their cosmos and see the world through their eyes.
Let Psychemagik take you by each hand and lead you, blindfolded, into their fantasy world. Open your eyes… Move slowly…. Breathe deeply… What’s before you is a mystical wonderland, sprinkled with magic dust and misted by the tears of the heavens. They will free your mind as the scarf of the everyday falls. Welcome to the place where everything is possible, the place where dreams spring to life. “
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)
Saalim – What You Say (Psychemagik Remix)
The Egg – The Catch (Psychemagik Remix)