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Holiday Catch Up


The blog has taken a little time off lately since it’s only writer (me the terrible writer!) has been traveling and listening to jam bands. I’ve finally found my groove in 2014 so I’m ready to get back at updating this thing pretty regularly for those that care.

By the way I’d highly reccomend doing this on your own… you basically are creating a super playlist you can go back and look at years from now. It’ll be like rediscovering gold!

At any rate, here’s a few I’ve been playing over the last week:

Moullinex – To Be Clear (Zimmer Remix)

Clean Bandit – Rather Be (The Magician Remix)

Daft Punk – Lose Yourself to Dance (Deepjack and Mr. Nu Remix)

Pete Oak – No More Gravity




Here’s a snippet recordings presents next release SPT007 from label co-owner – Blackfeel Wite with a magnificent remix from Pete Oak. Progressive, Deep and Indie-Dance vibes mixed in with atmospheric work.

Blackfeel Wite – Glasgow (Pete Oak Remix)

I’ll Try


Here’s a happening new Pete Oak remix due out Oct 24th. Check It. Happy Friday.

Saccao & Chemical Surf – I’ll Ttry (Pete Oak Remix)



Music describes exactly what words can never achieve. The exploration of sound and the emotion of music characterise exactly what Pete Oak is all about. A simple desire to let his music speak a thousand words is evidence of his graceful alluring style.

Born in Aalborg, Denmark Pete was destined to work in music from a very early age. Sharpening his young mind by mastering the guitar he had dreams of conquering the rock world and being the next Jimi Hendrix but as he matured, so did his love for electronic music. He may have laid down his guitar but his dream of world domination remains to this day.

Specialising in the deep house and nu-disco genres, Pete Oak is an emergent talent with much more to offer than your average performer. He has released an envious array of tracks on various labels including Eklektisch, petFood Recordings, Deso Records and Electronique Digital.

Everything But The Girl – Driving (Pete Oak Remix)