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Easy Listening Wednesday



Here are three light tracks for you Wednesday listening pleasure:

Moon Boots – Don’t Ask Why feat Kyiki

FlicFlac and Bearson – Pictures Remix

DamnRight! – Halo


The Friday Five

I’ve got some great tracks today to share with you many of which have already done their rounds on the blogosphere. I love sharing old and new tracks that I think other people will like. That’s the whole reason I started doing this so enjoy.

Note: I know this sounds dumb, but I hope when people listen to electronic music there are doing so on some good headphones or speakers otherwise you miss so many intricacies that exist within a song. Computer speakers ain’t gonna cut it with these.

Moon Boots – Sugar

Miike Snow – The Wave (Flight Facilities Remix)

Airwolf – Believer ft Alex Rose

The Other Tribe – Skirts (Jody Wisternoff Remix)

The XX – Angels (Theatre of Delays Remix)

“Moon Boots entered the world in the mid-1980s via Cape Canaveral. After years of service as the preferred footwear of celebrity astronauts (notably Tom Hanks), Moon Boots came to life during a classified experiment aboard the International Space Station. Little is known of what actually transpired aboard the shuttle, but in short, Moon Boots became a sentient creature, equipped with reason, intuition, and groove. Before long, he grew tired of working for the space-military-industrial complex and found solace in the soothing sounds of underground disco and R&B boogie records. He knew it was only of matter of time before he was hung up like so many boots before him. He abandoned the program and used his savings to build a music-production studio in an unnamed U.S. location, where he is currently working.”

Moon Boots – Running From

Friday Tunes

I think I’m going to start posting 4-6 songs on Fridays without much of a synopsis. Work and play don’t allow for touch much internet postage time so here’s some fresh tracks that I hope  you enjoy as much as your weekend.

Tropical Monsoon Season ft Miss Bee – Green & Blue (Moon Boots Remix) Preview

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (GMGN Remix)

The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love (Poolside Remix)

Giselle – Silk (Cosmic Kids Remix)

Flashmob – Need In Me

Hot Chip – Flutes

Le Youth Spotlight

Le Youth, aka Wes Anderson, is a LA based producer who has become part of this year’s influx of summer disco anthems. He’s remixed Moon Boots, The Hint, Russ Chimes, and Goldroom.

What I like about him is that when asked what music he plays he responded “Dance Music. All the genres confuse me.” There is something redeeming about that. He’s not someone consumed with pleasing the music elite and instead focused on just creating quality dance music.

Check out some of these tracks many of which are available on his facebook page.

Le Youth – Dance With Me

The Hint – Plus One Minus One (Le Youth remix)

Moon Boots – Off My Mind (Le Youth Remix)

I’m just gonna post some jams I’ve been getting into within the last few day. I’ had a pretty crunch filled weekend musically, but at least I have Maceo Plex this Thursday. Enjoy.

Moon Boots – Running From (Feat. Violetness)

Donna Summers – Bad Girls (Venice Beach ReWork/Tribute)

Wexxel and Sae – Nostalgia (Chas Bronz Remix)

Trujillo – You Keep Me (Cosmic Kids Remix)