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Everybody Loves



“Hey Guys! This is my newest remix for Phil & Dan’s – Everybody Loves , coming out soon in Oct 3 2013 by Blacksoul Music. When i was a youngster Phil Fuldner was all over the radio and TV with his house tracks and i can remember dancing to it in the club.Knowing this handsome guy for a while and being asked to make a remix for his newest track i didn´t hesitate to do so. This one goes straight into the early Jack House sound from the 80´s (80´s, as u know that´s my thing..) with a 2013 twist. Very energetic with a upfront bassline, “in yo face” sound so to speak. I hope you like it, and if u like it, share it ,enjoy ! Featured on my latest Mixtape ” My House Is Your House ” as well. Now u know why i took the name ! So…
LET´S JACK !!” – Monte

Phil & Dan – Everybody Loves (Monte Remix) [Preview]


Got Me Insane


“Hey Guys, This is my latest Remix for Jay West & Manuel Sahagun – You Got Me Insane, coming out in juli 1st. I had my Hawai shirt on while producing this more “funky groove” track 🙂 Straight summer vibes with a strong backbeat and a funky guitar provided by my longtime collaborator Roland Cabezas gives you an instant happy feeling with an 80´s color ! Imagine Hot Girls, Bikinis, Cabriolets and Cocktails, all in ! Summer has finally arrived ! Stay tuned…..” – Monte

Jay West & Manuel Sahagun – Got Me Insane (Monte Remix)

You Should Know


“Hey Guys, this is my newest Track for the incredible “5 years Jackmode Compilation”, coming out soon in Mai 17th by Jackmode Rec.

This Track is bit more emotional as my previous ones yet with a very strong groove foundation filled with analog synth goods. This time with a new collaborator on the lyrical side. We have all been in situations, when we haven’t been able to express what we feel in that moment. Next time send your “crush” this track and she might get an idea of what´s going on ! 🙂

Feel the summer breeze, beach, palms, girls, all in as always with an 80´s touch. Stay tuned…” – Monte

Monte – You Should Know


It’s Friday so I’m headed to Santa Cruz for a little sunshine. It’s supposed to be nice out this weekend which is awesome. Regardless of the weather, Friday always needs some good tunes to get your blood pumping.

Cue Monte… who takes you back to the “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Miami Vice” aesthetic, but with a deep and solid funk groove lurking beneath. An absolute synth freak able to make any sound you could possibly think of almost in seconds on an array of devices.

Here I have an original production which was shared with me from a friend and a remix I just checked out which I’m loving the f out of. Friday tunes indeed. Git Down.

Monte – True

Andre Crom & Martin Dawson ft. Roland Clark – Back To The Future (Monte Remix)