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Is it Summer Yet?



I mean seriously.. spring is great, but I want some real warmth alongside some tunes that are made for the sun. Here’s a few that I think are a great fit:

Bearson – Savanna Remix

St. Lucia – Elevate (Elektromekanik Remix)

Dream Lake – Try (Thundberg Dub)

CamelPhat – Sahara Holiday

Javeon – Intoxicated (The Magician Remix)

Lukas Lyrestam – All I Think About (Monitor 66 Remix)


Sick Days

I’ve been out sick for a while but here’s some stuff I managed to listen to and love during the week in bed. Shit Sucks! Not the music of course 🙂

Kraak & Smaak – How We Gonna Stop Time (Monitor 66 Remix)

Bimbo Jones and Beverly Knight – I Found Out (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Toyboy & Robin – Beneath The Cold feat FEMME

HAIM – The Wire (Tourist Remix)



A free download to celebrate 10.000 followers on soundcloud.

Inspired by the beautifully dark and melancholic autumn weather we have right now in Sweden.” – Monitor 66

Monitor 66 – Kordial



Monitor 66’s ‘Triscuits’ was one of my favorite songs of 2012. Here’s an upbeat version of their song perhaps better suited for a faster paced set. I love love love the original, but this is a nice take on it.

Monitor 66 – Triscuits (Roberto Rodriguez Extended Dub)

Cosmic Gypsies


I’ve been slacking on posting these two tracks.The original Mix is a blend of slick piano, heavy synths and rhythmic pads to set you up in the right mood. Featured by the lovely voice of Soukaïna to top it off.

Swedish sensation @monitor66 provides the track with their two interpretations.

The Rooftop remix is a mysterious melodic trip into the deep while the Warehouse remix suits the after dark journey. Easy to say this is another great work by the duo.

Urmet K – Cosmic Gypsies (Monitor 66 Rooftop Remix)

Urmet K – Cosmic Gypsies (Monitor 66 Warehouse Remix)


Labor Day Feel Good Tracks


I used to contribute to a blog with my girlfriend where I’d post about the lighter and “sunnier” side of electronic music. Since I couldn’t keep up with that I am going to start throwing some of that music up here. After all, I started this with the intention of sticking to no one electronic genre.

With that said and the holiday fast approaching (in the US) here’s a list of some tracks that I think are perfect for our last hurrah of the summer. Enjoy!

Monitor 66 feat Bit – Vitae

Monitor 66 – Virago

Holy Models – Swimming (Tesla55 remix)

Sisqo – Thong Song (Eyans Remix)

Johnny Stimsom – Daddy’s Money (Fare Soldi Remix)

Xylos – Summerlong (Touch Tone Remix)

Sly One – Come To Mine (HNNY Remix)