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Love ID

If you like Deep House and Summer vibes well here’s your track courtesy of Going Deeper feat. Partrick Baker. Sultry vocals, deep rounded bass, beautiful synths drenched in warm melody makes for a good time. Check it out.

Going Deeper feat. Patrick Baker – Love ID


Danger Zone


“The darkest atmosphere which you can imagine is incepted your mind in every sound that you hear. The track on which you want to add volume to maximum and enjoy the space of danger!” – Going Deeper

Re Dupre – Danger Zone (Going Deeper Remix)

Don’t You Know


Here’s  Going Deepr’s next single Don’t You Know forthcoming on Union Jack Records! Includes remixes from Niko Schwind, Nikols Mendonça, Jacek Janicki, Mikalogic…

Going Deeper – Don’t You Know

Rocket Your World


Yeah! Your World & Rocket is OUT NOW on Beatport!

‘Russian duo “Going Deeper” come together again with regular comrade’s “Newbie Nerdz” for a two track EP that came into the palm of Skint with little questions asked. Both parties have been enjoying releases on a plethora of labels and collaborations with house music heavy weights that now venture into Skint territory. The opening track “Your World” unfolds the EP with a melodic vocal partnered with a deep penetrating groove taking you through a set of stabbing synths. “Rocket” follows with familiar energy. Little more to say other than…catchy hook, powerful bassline…what more could you want?’

You can buy your copy here:

Going Deeper & Newbie Nerdz – Your World

Going Deeper & Newbie Nerdz – Rocket

Rocket Your World

Trey Ratclif - Burning Man - Onion Domes-X2

This Russian duo has been putting out heat. These two snippets are OUT 9th September on Beatport through Skint Records. DEEP sounds!

Going Deeper & Newbie Nerdz – Rocket

Going Deeper & Newbie Nerdz – Your World

Hold You


I recently wrote about Going Deeper, the duo from Russia so I’ll spare you the quip. Here’s a remix of Kant and it’s a soulful piece indeed.

Kant – Hold On (Going Deeper Remix)