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Here’s a track Annie Mac gave away for her weekly Monday giveaway special. Ejeca’s been featured here a ton, but here’s what she had to say: “Today for FREE MUSIC MONDAY we have an exclusive remix of Bloc Party’s track ‘Montreal’ from EJECA, a producer from Belfast who I’m really liking. If you’re into deep house and 90s garage-esque vocal samples then this is the guy for you.”

Bloc Party – Montreal (Ejeca Remix)


Rosario (snippet)


Here’s a snippet of Ejeca’s new track… beautiful pianos! Happy Friday!

Ejeca – Rosario



Grum released a new single a few weeks back and instantly his “fans” jumped on him for doing something different or at least something different than they expected. Well screw that and the people who think an artist or producer should conform to their expectations. One must always evolve.

At any rate I really enjoyed the track as well as some remixes that have come from it. Check em all out.

Grum – Everytime

Grum – Everytime (Ejeca Sunset Mix)

Grum – Everytime (Andre Com Remix)


I hope everyone had a good weekend. Here’s my most recent favorites:

Dude Skywalker – Ride On

Rufus – Take Me (Cassian Remix)

John Monkman – Itakare

Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out (Ejeca Remix)

Digitaria – Shine (wAFF Sunrise Mix)



EJECA may be based on the outskirts of the nu-house music mecca of Belfast, however his musical roots have been firmly planted from an early age being brought up on 90s garage house. Experimenting with many genres like disco, garage, deep house and techno his trademark vocal driven emotive sound flows in all of his productions.

Bebe Black – Deathwish (EJECA Remix)