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Feel Good


 Dude Skywalker gets the remix treatment here from Panic Bomber. ‘Panic Bomber is a new breed of dance floor innovator who is quickly attracting worldwide praise. The brainchild of Richard Haig, a Miami-based musician who graduated with a degree in Music from the University of Miami, and cut his chops playing in a variety of indie rock and punk bands. The music is instantly appealing, familiar to electronic music enthusiasts yet difficult to place in any one genre, incorporating elements of electro, tech-house, trance, pop, rock, IDM, or whatever else a particular piece calls for.’

This particular piece will have everyone’s ass on the dance floor shakin. This is a big one.

Dude Skywalker – Feel Good (Panic Bomber Remix)


Feel Good


“One of the best parts about being in South Florida is the tremendous cultural momentum we’re experiencing, not only in the visual and performing arts, but in music as well. So naturally when new and innovative producers and musicians come along with strong Miami roots, we feel obligated to showcase Miami’s emerging talent. With that said, it’s our pleasure to introduce to you Dude Skywalker, three Miami locals and best friends with a passion for dance music- specifically disco and house. We asked the ‘Dudes’ to give us a new and exclusive track, and Feel Good appeared in our inboxes shortly thereafter. We then asked five other locals to remix the single, providing us a broad sampling of the dance music scene bubbling up from the underground here in South Florida. You can download all six tracks exclusively at Fordistas.com for free” – NightDriveMiami

The original is amazing, but since I highlight so much Dude Skywalker on here I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite remix from Benedikt Hammer, who I featured here a lonnnng time ago.  Here’s a guy that picked up music production as a bit of a hobby but has now become more of a focus and ideally a career. If this is any indication we should be seeing him around for quite some time.

Dude Skywalker – Feel Good (Benedikt Hammer Remix)


Miami based Dude Skywalker keeps giving away bomb tracks. Both of these are up for free download so go grab them. I’m loving everything they’ve produced so ima keep postin em until they aren’t awesome… which doesn’t look likely. Check it out.

Thomas Jack – The Final Speech (Dude Skywalker Remix)

Dude Skywalker – Notorious Dude

Let The Sunshine


Miami based Dude Skywalker gives up a summery treat with a tropical beat accompanied by some classic lyrics from Aquarius. What a treat indeed! Check it out and the rest of their collection over at their soundcloud page.

Dude Skywalker – Let The Sunshine

And here’s the rest of their new EP:

Dude Skywalker – Ride On

Dude Skywalker – To The Stars

Felt It

The Burn-X2

Here’s Dude Skywalker’s remix for up and coming Miami-based singer, Austin Paul, whose EP just dropped. This is just a nice and smooth track accompanied by great vocals. It reminds me of something you’d hear on La Playa. If you can’t tell by the recent pics I’m a bit jealous of friends who are already at or headed to Burning Man.

The sweet sounds of Dudeskywalker and Austin Paul will have to hold me over for now.

Austin Paul – Feelt It (Dude Skywalker Remix)

Started Dancing


Woo Hoo! Here’s another freebie from Dude Skywalker drenched in deep summer vibes. Check it out.

Dude Skywalker – Started Dancing