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Over the last fews days I’ve seen a bunch of remixes and originals from Deepjack and Mr. Nu as well as a remix of one of their tracks. So here’s a few for your weekend! Enjoy.

Thomas Roberts – Rocking Girl (Deepjack & Mr.Nu Remix)

Deepjack, Mr.Nu – Don’t You Know That (Barbary Remix)

Deepjack, Mr.Nu – Way You Are



Whispers (Preview)


Deepjack and Mr. Nu just previewed a sun drenched remix with guitar licks from Pherotone. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the track. Add this one to your summer playlist now.

Protoxic – Whispers (Deepjack & Mr.Nu Remix)

Week Playlist So Far



In honor turning the dirty thirty, here’s a list of songs I’ve been jamming out to all week. Enjoy.

AudioStorm – Fly with me (Vlada D’Shake Remix)

Deepjack, Mr.Nu – Another Moment

Words I Don’t Remember (Toyboy & Robin Edit) – How To Dress Well

Mia Dora – Jezebel (Walker & Royce Remix)

Jacques Greene – No Excuse

Tourist – Patterns feat. Lianne La Havas

Jamie xx – Girl

Don’t Lie



Go ahead and tab this as another summer jam. While it’s never to early for a track like this, this is still built for warm weather and sunshine. 

Deepjack is the name behind two partner from southern (UK), who are trying to show the world their production style and their live performance. Deepjack is a djing and production name created by Mehmet Kurudere, Supported by Nuri Ankarali (Mr.Nu). These two have consistently been crushing the remix game complemented by some amazing original productions. Enjoy.

Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Lie (Deepjack and Mr. Nu Remix)


I Believe


Here’s a tropical infused deep remix from Deepjack and Mr. Nu of  Pherotone track, both of which get some heavy airplay here at the TrashJuice.

We’re in the dead of winter (although it ain’t too bad here in Cali) but take off that coat and know we’re getting closer to longer days and stronger rays.

Pherotone – I Believe (Deepjack and Mr. Nu Remix)

Holiday Catch Up


The blog has taken a little time off lately since it’s only writer (me the terrible writer!) has been traveling and listening to jam bands. I’ve finally found my groove in 2014 so I’m ready to get back at updating this thing pretty regularly for those that care.

By the way I’d highly reccomend doing this on your own… you basically are creating a super playlist you can go back and look at years from now. It’ll be like rediscovering gold!

At any rate, here’s a few I’ve been playing over the last week:

Moullinex – To Be Clear (Zimmer Remix)

Clean Bandit – Rather Be (The Magician Remix)

Daft Punk – Lose Yourself to Dance (Deepjack and Mr. Nu Remix)

Pete Oak – No More Gravity