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Freight To My Soul


So I’ve been on a smoother kick this week since I partied my soul into submission. What better way to drift out of that feeling than with the help of Cosmic Kids.

Ron Poznansky and Daniel Terndrup met in a high school classroom specially designed for kids who have trouble paying attention to boring stuff. They immediately joined forces in the pursuit of adventure, hiking through the Santa Monica Mountains to collect top secret data on benevolent wildlife, mycological oddities and abandoned earth stations. They soon parlayed their overactive minds into making music, drawing inspiration from post punk, house, funk and the vast cosmos.

Cosmic Kids – Freight To My Soul




Friday Tunes

I think I’m going to start posting 4-6 songs on Fridays without much of a synopsis. Work and play don’t allow for touch much internet postage time so here’s some fresh tracks that I hope  you enjoy as much as your weekend.

Tropical Monsoon Season ft Miss Bee – Green & Blue (Moon Boots Remix) Preview

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (GMGN Remix)

The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love (Poolside Remix)

Giselle – Silk (Cosmic Kids Remix)

Flashmob – Need In Me

Hot Chip – Flutes

I’m just gonna post some jams I’ve been getting into within the last few day. I’ had a pretty crunch filled weekend musically, but at least I have Maceo Plex this Thursday. Enjoy.

Moon Boots – Running From (Feat. Violetness)

Donna Summers – Bad Girls (Venice Beach ReWork/Tribute)

Wexxel and Sae – Nostalgia (Chas Bronz Remix)

Trujillo – You Keep Me (Cosmic Kids Remix)

Sail Away

The NYC based band, The Rapture, released their most recent album on DFA records. You know what comes along with that? 3 awesome remixes of their track “Sail Away.” I personally am diggin the Cut Copy remix the most, but enjoy all of them. I especially like the build in the CC Remix right after the 3 minute mark. Enjoy and Happy Martin Luther King Day!

The Rapture – Sail Away (Remixes by Aeroplane, Cosmic Kids, and Cut Copy)