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O Cypres



I first heard Comphuphonic from a video recap of boat parties of a festival I went to in Croatia… Dimensions Festival. It was the perfect track to be in the background of people having a blast on a boat on a sunny day on the Adriatic Coast.

Well he’s back with another track drenched with the same positive feelings. Check it out.

Compuphonic -O Cypres


Road Atlantis

“As an adolescent, he dreamt of playing in a rock group, but also discovered Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Detroit techno. After having created his own studio and put together a few mixes on a Roland Compuphonic synthesiser (yes, that’s where the name comes from…), Maxime aka Compuphonic soon found himself behind the decks at Dirty Dancing nights in Brussels and recorded his first tracks for Dirty Dancing Recordings. In 2006, his reputation exploded on the dance floor with the groovy “Emotion”, produced in collaboration with Tiga and released on his label ‘Turbo’. In 2012 he released his highly anticipated “Sunset” Single on Get Physical – a piece of hedonistic house that is entirely characteristic of his style.

“We are the music that we create” once said Maxime Firket aka Compuphonic who is now another fine Belgian addition to the Exploited roster.

He brings his spontaneous, positive and accessible sound to the label. With this Radio Atlantis EP he continues his search for originality and emotion. The overall atmosphere is filled with the good kind of melancholia everyone likes to feel once in a while.

„Radio Atlantis”, the title track, starts with organ like sounds that are accompanied by a witty bassline, unique vocals and even some acid influenced pads

„Walking On The Edge”, with the same relaxed vibe as his megahit „Sunset” on Get Physical, is different from Radio Atlantis but at the same time also the perfect match. The storytelling vocal leads you through the track and its extraordinary simplicity.

To top off all of this you can expect some more music from Compuphonic on Exploited. We’re looking forward already, you hopefully too.”

Compuphonic – Road Atlantis (Preview)

Sand Storm



No this isn’t some Darude remix for all you children of the 90’s. This is a blissful masterpiece from Compuphonic, Kolombo, and Monitor 66. Monitor 66 remixes it of course, but just seeing these three names together makes me excited.

All three separately are amazing and I follow each one of them closely so when this came my way today I knew we had something special. This one is on repeat.

Compuphonic & Kolombo – Sand Storm (Monitor 66 Remix)


Here’s a nice recap video of the Scandanavian Boat Party at Dimensions with a superb track from Compuphonic. The track in the video is actually the Disjokke remix.

Both the original and remix are great. diskJokke’s version kinda blows out the ending which I love. Check em both out.

Compuphonic – Sequoia (diskJokke Remix)

Compuphonic – Sequoia ( Original Mix)