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Chris Malinchak is back with a new release titled Forever that is just begging our world to move past these winter days and head straight for the warmth of summer. The deep rounded accompanied with loving lyrics and the light percussion is blissful.

He was on quite a roll with free releases towards the end of 2014 so it’s nice he’s back with another one. Check it out.

Chris Malinchak – Forever


So Into You



Chris Malinchak missed giving out awesome free tunes so he decided to give our gracious ears a gift today. Check it out!

Chris Malinchak – So Into You

So Good To Me


Chris Malinchak won’t stop, can’t stop. I’m not sure if there’s an accompanying free download with this release, but it’s of no matter. This recently released track is beyond uplifting…. above the clouds.

Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me

All Shook Up

Chris Malinchak released another freebie. I mean cmon this is awesome.

“Straight out of a remote bunker in Jersey is coming the hardest working man in dance music. He’s back, not even a week later, with a hypnotic, smokey warehouse anthem. If played at the right time, “All Shook Up” outputs energy only a nuclear power plant can match.”

Chris Malinchak – All Shook Up

If U Got It

Holy French Express track release batman! This is at least the 5th free release in two weeks or so. You’d think with all these freebies that there would be a lack in quality, but no sir. Everything has been fire.

I believe this is the 2nd free release from Chris Malinchak. Another great one that after a few listens will make all your electronic dreams come true.

Chris Malinchak – If U Got It

The Friday Five is here for the third week in a row. I typically am all over the place with it musically, but I’m a little more focused this time. I’m in the mood for a party that looks like the picture above. These are some of the tracks I’d play if i was selecting the music.. in no particular order Happy Weekend!

Balcazar Sorto – Don’t Ask ft. Dana Bergquist (Nico Lahs Remix)

Kry-Lon – Brook Shields

Fabo & HNQO – About Me ft. Lostcause

Chris Malinchak – Fuego

NHAN Solo -Come On People