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Kangaroo Court

Capital Cities of LA, just released their new single. It’s a fun mix of a bunch of different styles. I love the horn section and the bouncey synth. I’m not quite sure how “electronic” this is, but who cares. Enjoy it for what it is… a fun tune.

Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court



I had just posted a Capitol Cities remix not too long ago. The highlight of that post was for sure the actual remix. Well today, they’ve released a stunning version of Pink Floyd’s classic tune, “Breathe,” with lines from Tupac layered throughout. The sexy synth bass lines have me hooked right away and I’m diggin the horn section later in the song.

This is a track that instantly takes me somewhere else. Where? I’m not sure, but I know it’s “out there.”

“For long you live and high you fly But only if you ride the tide , And balanced on the biggest wave , You race towards an early grave.”

Capital Cities ft. Tupac Shakur – Breathe (Pink Floyd cover)

Safe and Sound

Discotech and Capital Cities just released the remix of “Safe and Sound” which without a doubt has been this groups biggest song to date. I used to drop a few Discotech remixes back in the day when I was playing towards a crowd that was casually into electronic music. Their remixes are always tastefully done and they tend to add that dance floor element the songs may have been lacking before. This case is no different. Enjoy.

Capital Cities – Safe and Sound (Discotech Remix)