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New Obession

I had just spoken on Blackmill in my previous post as an example of a similar sound. So since he just posted this song last week it’s only fitting I throw it up here.

I mostly listen to his original productions which are just so emotional and moving. This remix is just fantastic and the vocals are a perfect accompaniment to Blackmill’s melodic beats.

Carly M Burns – New Obsession (Blacmill Remix)


Melodic Monday

Blackmill – Friend

Blackmill – Home

Blackmill does it again. He is so amazing at capturing so many emotions in his music. Almost every single song of his can bring your to tears… the happy kind. Most can transform you to another dimension. It’s truly amazing.

I’ve talked about him a ton on this site and will continue to do so should he keep sending out top not productions like these two. The first tune was just released last week whereas the second came out in June. Enjoy!


Blackmill just released a track today called Life that he says is about life on earth. He songs are always amazing and bring to mind a ton of emotions that I would associate with the natural world as well as the worlds beyond ours. I love his melodic bass lines… just absolutely beautifu.

“Hush, now we’ll see
How far off I will be –
Predictions on me
Don’t be scared, just be free
And now, you can try
To describe what you see
Look at you,
You’re breathing in
Your life

Blackmill – Life

Spread The Love

So today is Valentine’s Day. While I do think it’s a crock that this day is essentially a corporate marketer’s capitalistic dream day in which they prey on those in love and those who are not, I don’t think it’s a bad day by any means. Girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, single, etc… it doesn’t really matter. If anything perhaps this day can remind us to appreciate our friends and family whom always love us and that we in turn, should give that same love back.

I always hope that this world will one day have more love than hate in it. It’s a lot to hope for, but I will do my best to ensure my personal world and those around me will be engulfed in happiness as much as possible. This is a sappy post for sure, but tell me I’m wrong.

Ok now on to the tunes.

Shook – Something About You

Together – So Much Love to Give (Viceroy Remix)

Daft Punk – Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)

Blackmill – Light

Jill Scott – Love Rain (Signal To One Remix)


I just recently saw this absolutely stunning video set to Blackmill’s tune “Evil Beauty” off his new album Reach for Glory. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more inspiring song/video combo. Blackmill certainly has a way with music. He’s clearly not about the constant filthy hard dubstep that has been taking over in the last few years at least in the US. His take on this “genre” is a deep and melodic one.

I also wanted to post a song off his older album, Miracle.  It’s hard to pick one that I really enjoy over the other as the whole album is amazing. For now, check out this track “My Love” and get lost in yourself.

Blackmill – My Love