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Here’s a few summery tracks to get you moving in the right direction. Warm weather and good music are a concoction for happiness. Enjoy.

Bearson – Song For The Rich Remix

The Police – Walking On The Moon (J-Art & Madan Remix)

Nameless – 7 Days In The Sun (Bit Funk Remix)

Jay-Z – Can I Get A… Feat Ja Rule & Amil (Venice Beach Remix)


I See You

Trey Ratcliff - Burning Man (331 of 1086)-X2

I have been loving Bit Funk’s stuff recently. He’d definitely brought the soul back in house music. I discovered him some time ago and I’ve loved his progression in sound.

This is one of those feel good, introspective, and soaring tracks that can bring about a ton of emotions… and also make you move your feet! Check it out!

Jutty Rank – I See You (BIt Funk Remix)




Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon started as frontmen for two different bands, MoTel Aviv and Glasnost, but only met when they discovered that they were both after the affections of the same girl.

In early 2012 the hand of fate stepped in to extinguish their rivalry when the girl died in a tragic auto accident. They became friends and while supporting artists like Yelle, Digitalism and Neon Indian with their previous acts, Rodney and Brandon worked together on original music, visual concepts and screenplays alike. This creative collaboration left them with the collection of songs from which Night Drive was born.

Night Drive – Drones

Night Drive – Drones (Bit Funk Remix)

Do Work


Here’s a fun remix from Bit Funk. Check it out. Short of words today!

option 4 – Do Work (Bit Funk Remix)