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Your Darkness



“Renowned for their sublime, lyrical take on dance music, DC / Berlin based duo Benoit & Sergio return to their spiritual home of Visionquest with some freshly crafted groove ridden thrills. More set in the smoke and heat of the club than their vocalised bittersweet visions, the ‘Your Darkness’ EP showcases the duo at their dancefloor focused playful best whilst incorporating infectious vocal samples, searing melodies and pulsing rhythms. Opener ‘Splash’ is at once murky and tropical as the bassline grinds underneath light footed percussion whilst title track ‘Your Darkness’ is a deep and moody groover with signature rich synth work. Closing track ‘Beat Macho’ is a wayward beast with a darker edge and satisfyingly complex chugging framework that makes for a heady trip into the depths of the night.”

Benoit & Sergio – Your Darkness





Is that a xylophone I hear?! Benoit & Sergio do it again! This is a track of their new EP due out July 28th. Hypnotic bass, sultry vocals and the aforementioned xylophone make for a track ripe for summer and good times. Check it out.

Benoit & Sergio – Splash

House Jam


We have a little somethin’ somethin’ for ya! Benoit & Sergio have made a special edit of ‘Gang Gang Dance – House Jam’, especially for Deep House Amsterdam in collaboration with Visionquest their Superpleasures ADE Showcase. The general download-link will be made available on October 7th. BUT.. for those who can’t wait: send a copy or screenshot of your Visionquest Presents Superpleasures ADE ticket to milan@deephouseamsterdam.com, and we’ll send you the private download-link!

Listen, enjoy and always remember: sleep is overrated ♥’

Gang Gang Dance – House Jam (Benoit & Sergio Edit)

Reverse Skydiving



Hot Natured’s new track, ‘Reverse Skydiving’, is to be released today. I’m a fan of the original, but I’m especially enjoying DC based Benoit & Sergio’s remix. They definitely add a lighter more summery feel to the track as if it wasn’t already a summer jam. Check it out.

Hot Natured – Reverse Skydiving (Benoit & Sergio Remix)


New Ships


DC (whattt up hometown) based duo Benoit & Sergio are planning quite the return with their new EP, New Ships, also the title of this track featured here today.

They’ve had a busy year of touring and it continues for me on the 26th when I plan on checking em out here in SF. This upbeat track here has more than excited. “Their signature opaque vocals are still there, but the track sparks and ignites thanks to arpeggiated keyboards that are more aggressively stadium than anything the duo has ever laid on wax.”

Benoit & Sergio – New Ships



Hurting Remixes

A nice little remix from Tensnake that happened to come on my ipod during my coastal California road trip this past weekend. This happened to come on after passing through Santa Cruz. The sun was out, the windows down, and life was good. I love that a song about letting go that is sad (or liberating depending on your situation) can be so happy to me because of the music. Feel it.

Friendly Fires – Hurting (Tensnake Remix)

Also check a thetrashjuice favorite, Benoit & Sergio, take on the song.