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Abakus Remixes

Abakus just released some remixes of his favorite tunes from his youth. My two favorites are Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’ and Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game.’

If you’re not familiar Abakus is an artist project of music producer Russ Davies, who also releases nudisco-electro under the Cinnamon Chasers alias, and progressive rock/ambient with his father Dave Davies (founder of 60s cult act The Kinks) as The Aschere Project. Abakus explores the deeper and more emotionally complex side to electronic music. He also helps us travel intergalacticly via his cosmic productions.

Abakus – White Wedding

Abakus – Wicker Game



Abakus has taken an abrupt turn with his soon to be released album. That is not to say it’s not good, because I think I’m going to dig this glitch hop like album if it sounds like this… certainly not for the faint of heart. Dig on the darker stuff… ya feel me?

Abakus – Spark


Abakus, one of my favorites, is releasing his new LP, Futurism, on May 7th. This is part 1 of a two part preview mix. I’m really looking forward to this after hearing some quick snap shots. Come to the fucking West Coast!

Abakus – Futurism Part 1 of 2 Preview Mix

Love In Sunset

It’s April… and it’s a great month for a number of reasons some of those being spring, coachella, Sound Tribe in Oakland, birthday month, sunshine (rain is a liiiie), and a new Cinnamon Chasers Mix. The NuDisco influenced mix clocks in at 30 minutes so sit down or dance, and listen to the whole thing because it’s perfect if you’re into that sound. If not, give it a whirl and join us. It’s fun over here.

Cinnamon Chasers – Love In Sunset April 2012 DJ Mix

A new Cinnamon Chaser’s track from his new EP due out in March of 2012. Along with it comes a really cool video. This is definitely a slight departure from his nu-disco-ish sound and dives deeper into a much darker territory. While I am insanely into his older stuff, it’s cool to hear a different direction. I don’t think the sound of his past is gone, but I certainly am interested to hear this new direction. The intro itself almost sounds Tycho-ish which is a compliment.

I’ve been dying for Cinnamon Chasers/Abakus (same Russ Davies, different moniker) to play somewhere near the west coast of the US. As soon as he’s in a 6 hour radius I’m there. Check out his facebook.

Abakus aka Cinnamon Chasers aka Russ Davies, just released an ambient techno mix of his from 2010. He’s actually releasing a ton of stuff over on his soundcloud page which you should check out.

Abakus explores the deeper and more emotionally complex side to electronic music. His music takes you on an emotional journey through the cosmic realms of electronic exploration. Dive right in and take a trip.

Abakus – Summer2010 – FutureSoundScapes