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Only Takes

Another great weekend in the books. Tanlines crushed it this past Friday in SF  and we had great weather all weekend. The only thing missing was this summertime unicorn disco masterpiece released today by Viceroy.  The time around it’s an original track that’s been produced with WhiteNoize.

WhiteNoize consists of DJ and production team Chris Harnett and David Carvalho who make “electronic boogie music.” Seems like a natural fit with Viceroy especially since all of them are based here in San Francisco. Not only does this town attract world class talent, but it also has it as well.

I’ll be on the lookout for WhiteNoize from now on as I already plan to catch Viceroy the next chance I have. This track is available now on Traxsource:

Also available on Itunes, Beatport, etc. May 7th.

Viceroy & WhiteNoize – Only Takes



This is the kind of housey-disco shit I love… so melodic. You can hear right away that this is something you’d hear in a Magician mixtape. Pat Lok comes from Vancouver so he’s right up north eh.

He’s shared the stage with some of my personal favorites including Bloc Party, Fred Falke, Alan Braxe, Junkie XL, The Twelves, Breakbot, GRUM, Classixx, Friendly Fires, Don Diablo, and Alex Metric. Enjoy.

Pat Lok – Remember

“Having Disco in your soul will draw other like minded individuals to you like moths to a flame, no matter how far across the universe apart you are. This is the story of four such people, and how they came to bring the funk to you.

Four men, a world apart, bound together by a love of Electro and Disco, swearing an oath to defeat the forces of soulless music and to party harder than anyone has partied before. The excitement that surrounds the group’s releases was evident from day one. The Electro blog world went into meltdown time and time again with each new remix, culminating in their universally acclaimed version of Chromeo’s ‘Hot Mess’, a Nu Disco anthem that shows Ride the Universe at their best, innovative and like someone drove a dump truck full of synth Funk up to your house and deposited it’s cargo on your doorstep.

Having actual musicians in the outfit alongside DJs and producers give ride The Universe the edge on the competition, deep butt shaking basslines and soaring guitar sit happily on the Electro grooves, taking them to the next level.”

Ride The Universe – A Little Better (Ft. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)