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Winter Escape


After just starting a new job I’m aching for some sunshine, palm trees, warm weather… and well a permanent escape. At the moment music is that only way through that wormhole. So I’ll let these three tunes take me there.

Jesper Samuelson – Miss Velvet

Dumb Dan – Ele (Jesper Samuelson 2013 Remix)

Soulbells – No More (NDYD Exclusive Track)


Only Girl


Who cares if it’s winter. Bring me back to the sunshine please. I’ve been freezing ever since I returned to the states and that’s in the mild climate of San Francisco. Above is a pic I snapped in Thailand. Since there’s no way to get back there, I’ll have to settle for a mental return trip which helps with this track here from Cajoline.

Cajoline, from Paris, is new to the scene. This is their first released track. If this is what we have in store I see a bright future for Cajoline. This certainly reminds me musically of Perseus or Monitor 66. Enjoy!

Cajoline – Only Girl

Sweetness Alive



I only have a few minutes on the internet, but since this song resonates with my trip I feel as if I need to post it. I have the pleasure of traveling with my other half right now. The sights have been amazing. The people have been so interesting and fun, and the weather is warm. This new Goldroom track is the perfect accompaniment. I love it!

As with his previous single, “Fifteen,” it will be interesting to see all the remixes come out in the coming months. Cheers.

Goldroom – Sweetness Alive


French Express just dropped Malinchak’s new tune ‘Beside Me.’ It’s free too! Well I guess it has to be free since it heavily samples an old Brandy song.

The recent trend in EDM where people heavily sample old songs and renaming them might be a bit frustrating (because I don’t get it), but the songs are straight tropical euphoria. So I’m on board as long as these guys give credit where credit is due. Is it remix? An edit? An original production with samples? I don’t know. What do you think?

Malinchak – Beside Me

Viceroy, the man who reps summer time all the time, just released his eagerly anticipated remix of “Return Of The Mack” by Mark Morrison. First off, the original song is one of the greatest songs of all time. Viceroy, in typical fashion, turns this classic into an anthem that is perfectly suited for tropical weather, sunshine, and sheer happiness. It’s exactly why I was initially attracted to Viceroy when I first heard him some time ago.

It’s also a plus that he’s based right here in San Francisco. Perhaps living in a city which doesn’t actually have a summer has inspired him to created music that brings about that happy feeling associated with warm weather. Unfortunately, I missed my chance to see him this past Friday with another favorite of mine, Plastic Plates although I’m sure I’ll have another. The next time I won’t take so kindly to my previously scheduled plans. For now, along with all of you, I’m gonna enjoy this fresh tune. Happy Monday.

Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix)


Monitor 66 who hail “by the shore” in Sweden says they make music with funky bass lines inspired by sunsets. Sounds pretty perfect to me. I constantly draw inspiration from epic sunsets I’ve just yet to figure out how to use that inspiration… oh wait, I post sunset pics on a music blog constantly. Music often makes me mentally picture nature at its finest. At any rate…

This song “Triscuits” has some well placed samples from the old school tune “Twisted” by Keith Sweat… bringing the 90’s back with that smooth tropical disco sound. They enabled a free DL, but it looks like it will be released on House of Disco Records. Enjoy this one.

Monitor66 – Triscuits