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Hal Incadenza is a producer from The Bahamas that dabbles with Disco, House, and Experimental Pop. ‘Ventura’ is a smooth production laced with tropical grooves and beautifully soaring synths.

It’s one of those tracks that makes me reminisce of times where you’re on the dance floor listening to a perfect tune. You look around and notice that every one is on the same level. A brief moment of collective consciences.

Hal Incadenza – Ventura


Da Funk

“Welcome to Acryl Music’s summer special! We at Acryl decided to add a new series of releases to our main catalogue, with just one purpose: capturing the summer vibe musically!

For the very first release we have label boss Da Funk with 2 beautiful balearic tracks, just perfect for sunsets anywhere!

Have you ever been to one of those infamous beach bars, sipping on an ice cold drink, feel the warm breeze on your skin, the sand between your toes, the sun setting slowly and a beautiful, melodic tune is playing from a nearby soundsystem? Everything is alright, time is no longer important, you feel snug and you’re literally floating…

Know that feeling? Then you know why we had to launch the “Summer Special” series!

Enjoy!” For anyone is doesn’t know, Acryl Music’s mission is releasing House Music which exhibit the stylistic attributes deep, techy, forward thinking & innovative.

Da Funk – The Last Dance

Da Funk – Sunsets On A Leash

French Express just dropped Malinchak’s new tune ‘Beside Me.’ It’s free too! Well I guess it has to be free since it heavily samples an old Brandy song.

The recent trend in EDM where people heavily sample old songs and renaming them might be a bit frustrating (because I don’t get it), but the songs are straight tropical euphoria. So I’m on board as long as these guys give credit where credit is due. Is it remix? An edit? An original production with samples? I don’t know. What do you think?

Malinchak – Beside Me

ColeCo’s interests according to their facebook page consists of getting twisted and hitting on girls.We over here at thetrashjuice can respect that.

ColeCo are a production duo from Toronto, Canada. They’ve opened for acts such as The Weeknd, The Magician, Com Truise and Fake Blood, and continue to turn heads an electronic music act not to be overlooked. Their “Can’t Stop” EP was widely accepted after the massive title track received extensive play from artists like The Magician. They’ve also recently returned from a very successful first stint at Miami Music Week 2012 where they tore up the sound waves with some of the best in the Electronic Music Industry! ColeCo’s ability to blend a variety of genres seamlessly has earned them the recognition of Electronic Music fanatics across the globe . . . and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Having recently remixed for the likes of Kitsuné Maison’s new indie band Citizens, as well as Moon Boots and Young Empires, expect to hear a lot more incredible sounds coming your way including exciting new collaborations, remixes and original content throughout the year!

“El Verano” EP – Free Download: “Can’t Stop” EP – Free Download:

ColeCo – Can’t Stop EP

So I’ll sign off for the weekend with something peaceful which might be better suited for a boozey daytime Saturday hang out. I had just heard this tune in another promo video for another festi in Croatia. They sure pick good promo music.

As far as Michael Mayer is concerned, I think we’ll just see what he has to say about djing which I find fascinating: “”A DJ has a certain responsibility. He has to play progressive, contemporary music and combine it with the past. It is all about entertaining people, but you must not under challenge nor overstrain them. You must be subversive and play music that no one would have ever dreamt of listening to voluntarily at the club. You are both, entertainer and educator.”

Right on.

Connan Mockasin – Faking Jazz Together (Michael Mayer Remix)

Plastic Plates has just released two new remixes… yezzir! He drops some fresh tropical vibes on the Van She track, ‘Jamaica’ and then drops some uplifting beats on Sneaky Sound System’s ‘Friends.’

He’s on the east coast now still going strong after The Magician, who had been part of the tour, had to pack up and head back to Europe. For all those who were going to see The Magician and thought maybe they should stay home, please do the opposite. I’ve seen him throw down in person. It’s one hell of a feel good dance party. GO!

Sneaky Sound System – Friends (Plastic Plates Remix)

Van She – Jamaica (Plastic Plates Remix)