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You want to know what the aliens listened to when they crash landed in the ocean off the coast of primordial Africa??? This.

Elements of trance, prog house, african music, and steel drums at the very least make this an interesting tune. It makes me feel weird and I’m not sure if that’s in a bad or exciting way. Either way I’ve given it a bunch of listens with the conclusion being that it’s an insanely addictive track. Thank the space lord I wasn’t driving because I could have easily fallen off rainbow road.

The Very Best – Kondaine (Unicorn Kid’s Space Drift Mix)



Gottfried Beyer, who was recently featured here with an amazing remix, has just released a fresh new original. From him:

“This is first original tonal music track I’ve done in over a year. It’s inspired by / a celebration of / my response to:

• PWM and Wavetable synthesis.
• Romance music of the late 1980s / early 1990s
• Harold Faltermeyer
• 1980s guitar music, in particular: Van Halen, Racer X, Cacophony, Satriani and Vai.
• Pat Benatar’s song Invincible and ……just her in genera”

Uhhh that’s awesome!

Gottfried Beyer – Uhura