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From Within

Here’s a fresh track I heard in Todd Terje’s set at Dimensions Festival. It’s from Johannes Heil who’s based in Frankfurt, Germany. It’s got that classic techno feel with a touch of prog house.

It’s a beautifully laid out track that starts out strong and finishes stronger. It’s definitely one of those tracks that allows you to drift off into another dimension. Before you’ve realized it you’ve already undertaken a musical journey fit only for those willing to ride on their own intergalactic highway. Enjoy.

Johannes Heil – From Within


You want to know what the aliens listened to when they crash landed in the ocean off the coast of primordial Africa??? This.

Elements of trance, prog house, african music, and steel drums at the very least make this an interesting tune. It makes me feel weird and I’m not sure if that’s in a bad or exciting way. Either way I’ve given it a bunch of listens with the conclusion being that it’s an insanely addictive track. Thank the space lord I wasn’t driving because I could have easily fallen off rainbow road.

The Very Best – Kondaine (Unicorn Kid’s Space Drift Mix)

My head is back to normal after a festival weekend so naturally I’m getting back into some harder stuff. I think I’ll let the picture and song do the talking for this one.

Lauren Lane – Lazer Eyes

This World

“We are proud to present you one of the biggest releases we have planned this year, by Juan Sanchez. Following up on his 100% Pure release, This World is a great melodic feelgood track, perfect for the early outdoor festivals. His brother Daniel Sanchez made sure that it is also suitable for the clubs. Watch out for the rolling bassline!”

Check it out on beatport on June 4th and get ready for an outdoor summer dance party.

Juan Sanchez – This World EP