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AIMES is the production moniker and musical alter ego of Alabama born, Brooklyn resident, Aman Ellis. His music is psychedelic at heart, provoking hints of new-wave, italo, and cosmic disco. Lush synths and washed out vocals juxtapose big kicks and silky bass lines. The self-dubbed “Space Pop” explores vast sonic territories, keeping a close affinity to other-worldly psychedelia and interstellar weirdness. The music is exciting and current, while still keeping a firm grasp on nostalgia.

AIMES – Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended 


Tapes & Money Video

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money

I had just posted this song pretty recently, but feel the need to share the video released today. It has some pretty trippy visuals with some live shots from his show this past February in London. Check it out.


Rustie follows up his success in winning his first award for the hugely praised debut album ‘Glass Swords’ by releasing a new single – a re-worked version of album stand-out track ‘Surph’ now vocalled by rising star Nightwave.

“‘Surph’ is an amalgamation of Rustie’s love for Japanese prog, pop, happy hardcore and Detroit techno. A build up of bleeps and whizzes crashes into Nightwave’s clarion catchy chorus – it’s a rush of exhilarating futuristic pop.”

Gigamesh’s tune, When You’re Dancing, has a new video and it’s sexy cool. I’ve posted a ton of the Minneapolis based producer/dj before, but never before has there been an incredible video that helps us visually imagine the intergalactic ear sex released upon us. Also check out remixes from RAC and Moullinex. As much as I love RAC, I’ve gotta say I enjoy the Moullinex one the most out of these two.

When You’re Dancing (RAC Remix)

When You’re Dancing (Moullinex Remix)



So Madeo finally released his single, “Icarus.” I posted this teaser video back in October and just yesterday, finally released the tune. Madeon, like Lenno, is a young buck destined to dominate the scene. He started composing music at the age of 11, and adopted a nu-disco style under the name “Madeon” in 2010. In the fall of that year, he gained popularity for his award-winning remix of “The Island” by Pendulum.

He’s also playing Coachella this year. I’ll be certain to see his performance to finally experience what this young, and soon to be widley famous, producer’s all about.

Madeon – Icarus

A new Cinnamon Chaser’s track from his new EP due out in March of 2012. Along with it comes a really cool video. This is definitely a slight departure from his nu-disco-ish sound and dives deeper into a much darker territory. While I am insanely into his older stuff, it’s cool to hear a different direction. I don’t think the sound of his past is gone, but I certainly am interested to hear this new direction. The intro itself almost sounds Tycho-ish which is a compliment.

I’ve been dying for Cinnamon Chasers/Abakus (same Russ Davies, different moniker) to play somewhere near the west coast of the US. As soon as he’s in a 6 hour radius I’m there. Check out his facebook.