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AIMES is the production moniker and musical alter ego of Alabama born, Brooklyn resident, Aman Ellis. His music is psychedelic at heart, provoking hints of new-wave, italo, and cosmic disco. Lush synths and washed out vocals juxtapose big kicks and silky bass lines. The self-dubbed “Space Pop” explores vast sonic territories, keeping a close affinity to other-worldly psychedelia and interstellar weirdness. The music is exciting and current, while still keeping a firm grasp on nostalgia.

AIMES – Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended 


Star Scream

A smooth disco track from Toomy Disco who hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The South American producer has done a fabulous job with this one. He also made it a free download after 1000 plays!

While zoning out and listening to “Star Scream” I can’t help but think of the magical place it can bring me to. Much like the picture above, this spacey disco production makes me think of being on beach dancing far far away in the cosmos. Will you join me?

Toomy Disco – Star Scream