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Ooh Yea

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Today we have a tune I’m quite excited about from Dude Skywalker who was sent to us from the year 3046 to bring us beach music from the future.

I think that just about fits the perfect description of their track “Ooh Yea.” Give it a listen.

Dude Skywalker – Ooh Yea


Woooah it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted some tracks. Personal life has been a bit hectic lately. I’m normally a pretty jolly guy, but I’ve had some stuff test my patience recently. I almost forgot, hey in addition to my support system (you know who you are), music helps too.

I’m already feeling better after hearing this Kolombo rework. We’ve got some funky bass lines here that make you want to hit it hard. This is up for free download so get it before it’s gone. Cheers. Glad to be back.

Ecstasy Club – Jesus Love Acid (kolombo rework)


Abakus, one of my favorites, is releasing his new LP, Futurism, on May 7th. This is part 1 of a two part preview mix. I’m really looking forward to this after hearing some quick snap shots. Come to the fucking West Coast!

Abakus – Futurism Part 1 of 2 Preview Mix

“Having Disco in your soul will draw other like minded individuals to you like moths to a flame, no matter how far across the universe apart you are. This is the story of four such people, and how they came to bring the funk to you.

Four men, a world apart, bound together by a love of Electro and Disco, swearing an oath to defeat the forces of soulless music and to party harder than anyone has partied before. The excitement that surrounds the group’s releases was evident from day one. The Electro blog world went into meltdown time and time again with each new remix, culminating in their universally acclaimed version of Chromeo’s ‘Hot Mess’, a Nu Disco anthem that shows Ride the Universe at their best, innovative and like someone drove a dump truck full of synth Funk up to your house and deposited it’s cargo on your doorstep.

Having actual musicians in the outfit alongside DJs and producers give ride The Universe the edge on the competition, deep butt shaking basslines and soaring guitar sit happily on the Electro grooves, taking them to the next level.”

Ride The Universe – A Little Better (Ft. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)


Rustie follows up his success in winning his first award for the hugely praised debut album ‘Glass Swords’ by releasing a new single – a re-worked version of album stand-out track ‘Surph’ now vocalled by rising star Nightwave.

“‘Surph’ is an amalgamation of Rustie’s love for Japanese prog, pop, happy hardcore and Detroit techno. A build up of bleeps and whizzes crashes into Nightwave’s clarion catchy chorus – it’s a rush of exhilarating futuristic pop.”


It’s nice as hell out  today, I’m almost out of work and ready to get down to some funk at The Budos Band tonight. So with that said, here’s some feel good music to get you moving and ready for the weekend.

“Garnering universal respect from peers is not common for DJs-come-producers. U-Tern somehow managed it, and a reputation is steadily building for this humble Vancouverite. Spreading his obvious infatuation for all things music through his blog and weekly radio show, U-Tern is one of those individuals whose passion and drive are enviable. All that is secondary though: immaculate, charming disco-funk tracks are the standout here. U-Tern’s use of real instruments and his exceptional production chops translate into truly authentic pieces of music striking that balance between nostalgia and the 21st century.”

The first track is without a doubt his signature sound, the second, a wonderful edit and the third, a epic banging ballad. Yes, according to him, he makes more than just disco/funk.

U-Tern – You Don’t Know Me

Stevie Wonder – Do I Do (U-Tern Edit)

U-Tern – Da Da Daa Daa