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If U Got It

Holy French Express track release batman! This is at least the 5th free release in two weeks or so. You’d think with all these freebies that there would be a lack in quality, but no sir. Everything has been fire.

I believe this is the 2nd free release from Chris Malinchak. Another great one that after a few listens will make all your electronic dreams come true.

Chris Malinchak – If U Got It


So I’m sure none of us have heard Wayne Wonder’s name mentioned in quite sometime. Well that changed today with the release from the label French Express of Moon Boot’s, “Got Somebody.”  Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go” is heavily sampled in this track. It’s sexy. It’s romantic. It’s… it’s nice.

Got somebody she’s a beauty
Very special really and truly
Take good care of me like it’s her duty
Want you right by my side night and day

Moon Boots – Got Somebody