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Melodic Monday

Blackmill – Friend

Blackmill – Home

Blackmill does it again. He is so amazing at capturing so many emotions in his music. Almost every single song of his can bring your to tears… the happy kind. Most can transform you to another dimension. It’s truly amazing.

I’ve talked about him a ton on this site and will continue to do so should he keep sending out top not productions like these two. The first tune was just released last week whereas the second came out in June. Enjoy!


She Moves Me

A nice peaceful track from Four Tet is made even more dreamy by the Denver based duo, Human Agency. Four Tet was recently added to the lineup of Dimension Festival which takes place in September. I can’t wait to be in Pula, Croatia as is let alone seeing Four Tet rip on an abandoned fort on the beach.

This is the first time I’ve heard of Human Agency. They have a really awesome sound that I recommend you go check out on their soundcloud or you can go download all their music for free here. It’s the perfect kind  of music to listen to on a long drive, late night, or when you’re flying through some clouds.

Four Tet – She Moves Me (Human Agency Remix)



Blackmill just released a track today called Life that he says is about life on earth. He songs are always amazing and bring to mind a ton of emotions that I would associate with the natural world as well as the worlds beyond ours. I love his melodic bass lines… just absolutely beautifu.

“Hush, now we’ll see
How far off I will be –
Predictions on me
Don’t be scared, just be free
And now, you can try
To describe what you see
Look at you,
You’re breathing in
Your life

Blackmill – Life

For The Love

Matthew Dekay & Lee Buridge – Für Die Liebe – All Day I Dream

“Stylishly launching their ‘All Day I Dream’ imprint last month with the double header from Audiofly and themselves, label chiefs Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge step up to the plate again on 002 with another slice of beautiful orchestrated house.

Taking inspiration from Lee’s “All Day I Dream Of Her” DJ Mix, whilst also giving a nod to the likes of Kollektiv Turmstrasse, “Für Die Liebe melts your heart while still making you wiggle your hips.

“Several people have thought that Matthew and I sampled the strings in the track. Truthfully though we just took a load of ‘K’ and then played every stringed instrument within our reach and… well… voila!” Lee says, tongue firmly in cheek.

“We decided a year and half ago that we wanted to put music back into music. This was one of our most compelling reasons to start the label. Fur Die Liebe” is our best foot forward…so far”

Having been one of their earliest collaborations, Matthew and Lee have enjoyed road-testing this composition. “I played this as the closing track of my set at the Robot Heart party at Burning Man this year,” says Lee. “It brought quite a few people to tears, myself included. It was, by far, the best party i’ve played in 27 years and it broke me… in all of the best ways of course. I just couldn’t stop the tears streaming down my face. Don’t you just love the power music has over you some times.”

Für Die Liebe…For the love.”

Check out the live vid!