Category: Italo Disco

Today’s track is stuck somewhere in between the world of Tron and the picture above. It’s made for the dancefloor. This isn’t the kind of track  you want to throw on to early. Wait for it…. wait for it… Hit em with it.

Of course the Cosmonauts have been firmly making their mark on the intergalactic disco scene for quite some time. Their music flips the boundary between tripped out house, italo disco, balearica and electronic cosmic synth. It’s fairly obvious this tune fits the bill.

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Mirror Ball (Cosmonaut’s Ego Trippin Dub)


Ain’t Coming Down

An old albeit relevant remix from Cosmonauts of a Junkie Wife song. They turn in a signature Italo Disco cut which would feel at home anywhere under sun. Smooth grooves combined with acid synths  take the original and carry it up to the stratosphere where these guys feel most comfortable.

“She gets lost in the music

She can’t help herself

And the pleasure she’s feeling is like nothing else

And it’s lifting her up and it’s spinning her round

And it’s taking her higher…

She ain’t coming down”

Junkie Wife feat. SHE – Ain’t Coming Down (Cosmonaut Remix & jozif Remix)