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Verus LP



With all its ups and downs, its climaxes and pitfalls, epic victories and sudden u-turns, the true story of Wolf + Lamb echoes the wisdom of fellow New York wiseass Woody Allen, who once remarked that “a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies.” Together Zev the wolf and Gadi the lamb have kept the shark alive for over a decade by embracing the courage to venture into uncharted waters—forever plumbing the depths, riding the waves, and scouting new horizons. Whether assuming the roles of production duo, DJ team, or label owners, Zev and Gadi have written every page of their true story with wit, ingenuity, disarming warmth, and good old Brooklyn swagger. Strong-willed and staunchly independent, the two have resolutely steered clear of conventions and the expectations of others, always believing that the only way forward is to follow the beat of your own inner drum, no matter where it takes you. In recent years audiences the world over have resonated with this singular vision, eschewing minimal machismo fist pumps and embracing Wolf + Lamb’s glittery head-banded hug.”

Wolf + Lamb – Versus LP


Day Dreams

An appropriate picture for a San Francisco based producer remixing a San Francisco based band. MyKill does an awesome job giving this indie band some nu disco flare.

“I simply run, simply run I don’t wanna stay
Found all my dreams while outside in the summer rain
Rain down in your town on your town where we can begin,
Count on my dreams like a dream ought to be followed yeah”

Midi Matilda – Day Dreams (MyKill Remix)

Check out his soundcloud for free download.


This post is a little off the beaten path from what I normally post although I’m all over the place to begin with. Geographer has been out for some time, but after an amazing weekend in Napa, and some solid air time for this San Francisco based band, I felt compelled to post one of my favorite tune of theirs.

I had to pleasure of seeing them earlier on at Treasure Island festival in the Bay Area and it was delightful… a perfect way to start the day. Hopefully, I can squirrel my way into their sold out, hometown show coming up in a few weeks.

Geographer – Kites

I know I’ve being slackin on my indie game. I mean it’s pretty hard considering many bands come and go in such a short period of time. It’s crazy that with a  little blog coverage, some hypem love, and people talking that all of sudden you go from some buzzband to heading a major US festival in a matter of a year. At any rate, I am super late on the Gotye song. I had just heard it on the way back from Tahoe this past weekend. I instantly noticed the powerful voice and thought out loud that this has to have been remixed a thousand times…. someone had to of touched it in the right way. Surely enough my girlfriend dropped some untz and indie knowledge bombs via her blog THEUNTZANDTHEINDIE. Taken from her post today (song and editorial):

“One of the biggest songs of last year has one of the longest lists of remixes rolling into the new year, but Myndset’s go is my favorite. You are pulled in during the first few seconds and it really doesn’t let up, firmly tracing the original song while somehow showing it all from a totally different angle at the same time. You can almost hear Gotye’s anger/frustration/bitterness in the heart(beats), and the result is an urge to dance it out, hard. Perfectly done. #untz”

Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know (Myndset Remix)

Greetings Earthlings…

The Polish Ambassador, aka David Sagulski, just released his free remix of Little Dragon’s tune “Ritual Union.” He said he had recently become a fan of them so he decided to reach out to their management to get the stems. In his words, it was an honor to be able to remix a group that’s currently blowing up. After his most recently released remix of a Bon Iver track, he said this one has “a little more pep to set your day in motion on a positive note.” I can dig that. Hopefully I’ll make my way over to his show this Friday in San Francisco. He’s headlining along with Phutureprimitive and Bluetech.