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Pretty Lights released a new single the other day alongside a cool video. From him: “I dropped a brand new PL track for download today, along with the long anticipated NYE recap video! “You Get High” is a new style hip-hop jam that incorporates what I think sounds like a slow-mo disco stomp. It’s soulful and funky at the same time and it’s all about the high you feel when listening to good music. This will be the last sample-collage produced track I drop before my new album (made completely from self-made vinyl) comes out! Download “You Get High” from Grooveshark at no cost here: The video is from a massive two night NYE celebration in Colorado – it was filmed and edited by RadioEditAV and includes some amazing GoPro footage that many of you have been asking for. Download the new PL single, “You Get High” free @:

Pretty Lights – You Get High


I guess The Polish Ambassador released he hadn’t dropped any fresh tracks in some time so he bestowed upon us this masterful remix of Thievery Corp. I love reppin The Bay Area and DC in one post. Shit’s fresh… check it.

“The flow of life throwing strife into the mix
The big dark condition and the word is sick
The powers that be
A power in me
To speak a cause
Stress and strife that I see every day
And more to speak upon
Culture of fear
It’s up in your ear
They’re telling us terrorists about to strike
May be tonight
Let me just back up slowly
With critical analysis of those who control me
It used to be we just had a screen in the crib
On the TV
But now we carry screens when we leave see
Laptops smart phones now we’re never alone
A new affliction I call it media dome
But on the road famine is the programming
You want to watch a favorite show because it’s so slamming
Hold hands and let’s gaze into the beautiful glare
While we’re here so immersed in this culture of fear”

Thievery Corporation ft. Mr. Lif – Culture Of Fear (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

New Pretty Lights

New Pretty Lights tune for ya. This has that old school PL feel to it, of course old school for him is like 2-3 years. I remember him talking about his new ambitious project to create all his music with original samples instead of using old tunes. I am not sure, but this could very well be a part of that. It’s definitely got that chill hip hop vibe too which I dig.

I remember seeing him about a year before he really blew up and seeing him at some after parties. You could walk “backstage” then without anyone saying a word because no one cared. The parties were small then. Now, I can probably barely get tix if I wanted to see him. Good for him to blow up after only a few years.

I’m headed up to Tahoe for the weekend to shred some gnar so I’ll check back in with some new tunes on Monday. Have a good weekend internet peoples.

Pretty Lights – We Must Go On