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Abakus has taken an abrupt turn with his soon to be released album. That is not to say it’s not good, because I think I’m going to dig this glitch hop like album if it sounds like this… certainly not for the faint of heart. Dig on the darker stuff… ya feel me?

Abakus – Spark



Gramatik just released his new EP, Digital Freedom, today for free. Six tracks of straight heat whereas a lot of his older stuff is much slower and more hip hop influenced. He addresses this on his Facebook: “Also, I just wanna say one thing to those who know me only by my chilled out hip-hop beatz: don’t be scared when you hear this EP, my true fans know that I’m nothing if not versatile. Good music is larger than one genre so just open your mind, absorb the vibes and you’ll be versatile too! 😉 Don’t you just love that word?”

I have been eagerly waiting for this release ever since I saw him here at The Independent in SF which by the way was a great show. He, along with Michael Menert, posted a youtube vid promoting this tour that included the track, “Talkbox Intended,” featured here today. Well we finally have the finished product so check it out and download the EP. As he mentions, open your mind and absorb the vibes.

Gramatik – Talkbox Intended

Drugs Are Good Mmmmkay

A glitched out remix of Ratatat? Yes please! I haven’t circled back to them for quite sometime… well since their last album. I gave it a bunch of listens and enjoyed it, but it never stuck with me. I’ve also seen them twice. The first time I was surrounded by hipsters with the arms crossed while I flailed mine around wildly. The second time everyone was going nuts. They certainly have stage presence and I’ve certainly had a good time being entertained.

At any rate, today I have a remix I just discovered of their song “Drugs.” This comes from Kinematix who hails from the conservative town of Boulder, Colorado. Kidding of course. Enjoy this funked out glitchy remix.

Ratatat – Drugs (Kinematix_Music Remix)

Boogie Down

I had a chance to catch Gramatik in San Francisco not too long ago. I was caught off guard. I went in with no expectations and came out surprised by how good this duo truly is. They outshined their cohort, Michael Menert, that night with a more intelligent, dancey, and passionate set. Check our their recent take, done with Adam Deitch & Borahm Lee of Break Science, of an Earth, Wind, and Fire classic.

Gramatik ft. Break Science – Boogie Down