Bethany Lokken (pictured above) and Spencer Lokken just dropped a fire mix called Living Room Sessions Vol 2 the other day. In their words: “the last mix we posted on this page (time & edit wait for no man) was created in an effort to introduce edm to neophytes. this mix, however, will appeal to the informed listener. driven by menacing basslines and sinister vocals, this is a two hour trip into the deeper side of house. the vast majority of the tracks on this mix were played at our recent gigs at bb kings & the best buy theatre in new york city. bethany kicks it off and we tag teamed the entire time, each throwing on two records before handing it off to the other. sit back, relax, and let your system crank. this one is for the grown folks.”

I was lucky enough to catch Orchard Lounge (who also includes Ben Silver) during set break at the Disco Biscuits. I had missed them the night before at the late night at BB Kings in NYC because that place likes to sell more tickets to people than it can hold (FACK them). At any rate, the song below is one of my favorites off the mix. Many of the choice jams bring me back to my little NYE run. Gannnngsta House! Git Down!

This Feeling – Puente & Rosch