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A futuristic retro remix of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’? Yes Please! I sent this track to my friend today as he’s a big Stevie fan. I’ll just post my blurb that I sent to him:

“hey if you ever travel back in time to 1986 and happen to still be in LA, driving at night, with the windows down, maybe a few palm trees out, and an unseasonably warm night comes upon you… blast this jam from the future.”

Also check out Lektrono’s futuristic funkish nu disco version. A more upbeat freakster.

There’s also a free download here and here.

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Simone Remix)

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Lektrono Remix)


The Future

An edit from a mysterious producer who has disappeared off the interwebz. This edit is fiyah and so is Prince. Get down withe the funk.

“”I’m not gonna kill you. I want you to do me a favor,
I want you to tell all your friends about me.”
“What are you?”

I’ve seen the future and it will be
I’ve seen the future and it works
And if there’s life after, we will see
So I can’t go like a jerk

Prince – The Future (Disco Bat Remix)


Gramatik just released his new EP, Digital Freedom, today for free. Six tracks of straight heat whereas a lot of his older stuff is much slower and more hip hop influenced. He addresses this on his Facebook: “Also, I just wanna say one thing to those who know me only by my chilled out hip-hop beatz: don’t be scared when you hear this EP, my true fans know that I’m nothing if not versatile. Good music is larger than one genre so just open your mind, absorb the vibes and you’ll be versatile too! 😉 Don’t you just love that word?”

I have been eagerly waiting for this release ever since I saw him here at The Independent in SF which by the way was a great show. He, along with Michael Menert, posted a youtube vid promoting this tour that included the track, “Talkbox Intended,” featured here today. Well we finally have the finished product so check it out and download the EP. As he mentions, open your mind and absorb the vibes.

Gramatik – Talkbox Intended

Funky Vodka

TJ Rozdilsky has built an extensive catalogue of remixes and original tracks since branching out from his acid house and techno roots in 2008. Originally from the east coast, a move to Los Angeles in 2009 saw him embrace America’s hot spot for electronic music.

His recent track, Funky Vodka, has been dominating the beatport charts lately. This is just some good ol funky house ripe for the dance floor.

TJR – Funky Vodka