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It’s Late

I was just watching a youtube video highlighting the boat parties that have just been announced for Dimensions Festival in Pula, Croatia. This song caught my attention as I always love me some Dubstep/UK Garage.I use to term dubstep lightly here. Don’t want to confuse the US folks and anger the UK ones.

After having recently posted a ton of disco/house songs that have that summery vibe, I wanted to post something  a bit darker. Give in to these hypnotic grooves.

Silkie – It’s Late


Sun Is Shining

I think you can tell from what’s normally posted here that I don’t post too much dubstep. Today that changes because I’m diggin on this Bob Marley remix from Brand Blank. I’m biased for sure as two of my favorite Marley tunes are “Sun Is Shining” and “One Drop.” Check it out and see for yourselves.

Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (Brand Blank Remix)

Can’t Sleep

A recently produced melodic banger from Gladkill called “Insomnia” brings us today’s track. Much like the picture above, he has a way with creating a fierce storm of hard sounds at a safe distance. This classically trained musician always does a good job bringing about an array of emotions with each tune he releases. It’s deep and soulful. I’ve always been a fan and you should check out his soundcloud page when you have a moment.

Gladkill – Insomnia

Bonus Track:

TI – Poppin Bottles (Gladkill Remix)

New Rusko

Rusko released his new track “Somebody to Love.” Seeing as I just posted my buddies dubstep tune, why not continue the trend. I will admit, my taste for the newer American flavored “dubstep” is at an all time low with producers like Skrillex and the like. I’ve also seen Rusko a few times. I don’t care too much for the scene as it looks and smells worse than a low end Baltimore warehouse rave out in the middle of the ghetto, but hey I can’t judge too much. I’ve followed bands and seen dj’s I love before that are just as bad. I don’t let the surroundings bother me too much as it should always be about the music.

Speaking of which… the music. This new track is right in the realm of what I like with Rusko. It’s melodic, bass driven, and accompanied by  good vocals without trying to be a cheap “banger” because there is a fair amount of his music I can’t stand. The video looks fun as long as he’s not asking the crowd to bring opiates back stage. You can check out more of his stuff here and form your own opinion.

One of my best friends, Liam Squirrlam, just released his new song/video and it may be my favorite one to date. The video is intensely awesome and the song is great. It’s no easy task tackling a Beatles tune. I’d get into a long winded description, but I think I’ll let him speak:

“Dear TrashJuice,

I thought I’d slide you my newest treat, seeing as you are the OW (original wigger) that put me on to electronic music in the first place.
I’ve been messing with this remix for a few months now, performed alternate variations of it to see how people reacted, and finally put together a version I was happy with.  The video is my first crack at cartooning– and this damn thing took WAY longer than I thought it would.
Next time you are in NYC and I don’t wake up in a pool of TrashJuice at least once during your trip, I am burning all of my Panther Heart memorabilia and torching you in a 40 yard dash. (Again.)
Liam Dirlam aka VOODOO FARM”