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Snooze 4 Love

A friend and I finally purchased our plane tickets to Rome where we will make our way to Pula, Croatia for Dimensions Festival this September. I’m currently in celebration mode as the plane tickets were the biggest obstacle. It’s officially all happening.

So with that in mind, I though I’d give you a taste of what I’ll be seeing namely Todd Terje who was a late addition. This track is a fluid, hypnotic groover. It’s different from Terje’s disco and Balearic roots. It starts out with some ambient, spacey synths. He slowly builds it up as he’s in no rush here. It’s 8 minutes of pure soulful grooves so be patient. It’s not all about the “drops” kids. Cheers.

Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love


Arcade Fiyah

I was just sent this wonderfully tripped out remix of “The Suburbs” from Arcade Fire (Thanks Mary!). I immediately sent it to my better half who was already on top of it. She also happens to have a gnarly blog called The Untz And The Emo. This write up was taken directly from her blog:

“The original Suburbs is a kind of song that manages to cause shivers despite warm, upbeat tones, making you pine for home and sprinklers and simpler times, while simultaneously making you realize you can’t go back. Norwegian born songstress Mr. Little Jean slows it down here, smooths it out and adds some weight, making the sound match the scene it paints. Chills.

With silvery vocals and rolling bass, she practically sighs her way through the chorus, letting the words speak for themselves without trying to overly emote anything. The result, as with most things that make me feel nostalgic, is that kind of quiet comfort found in allowing yourself to really miss something. SO #emo”

I also wanted to include the first youtube write up as it’s fucking gold:  “This song makes me wanna strip naked, burst out of my window, free fall 28 floors, faceplant in the snow, make a snow angel mixed with my own blood, shiver from the cold, get hypothermia, DIE, go the pearly gate, say wuzzup to Jesus, do our secret hand shake, look for Buddha, find him, have him reincarnate me into a frog, meet a princess, kiss her, turn into a prince, order my subjects to bring me a computer, listen to this song again, cry myself to sleep. Wake up.. Repeat :)”

annnd that’s the longest post in the history of TheThrashJuice.

Mr Little Jeans – The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

New Pretty Lights

New Pretty Lights tune for ya. This has that old school PL feel to it, of course old school for him is like 2-3 years. I remember him talking about his new ambitious project to create all his music with original samples instead of using old tunes. I am not sure, but this could very well be a part of that. It’s definitely got that chill hip hop vibe too which I dig.

I remember seeing him about a year before he really blew up and seeing him at some after parties. You could walk “backstage” then without anyone saying a word because no one cared. The parties were small then. Now, I can probably barely get tix if I wanted to see him. Good for him to blow up after only a few years.

I’m headed up to Tahoe for the weekend to shred some gnar so I’ll check back in with some new tunes on Monday. Have a good weekend internet peoples.

Pretty Lights – We Must Go On

Abakus aka Cinnamon Chasers aka Russ Davies, just released an ambient techno mix of his from 2010. He’s actually releasing a ton of stuff over on his soundcloud page which you should check out.

Abakus explores the deeper and more emotionally complex side to electronic music. His music takes you on an emotional journey through the cosmic realms of electronic exploration. Dive right in and take a trip.

Abakus – Summer2010 – FutureSoundScapes