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Le Youth Spotlight

Le Youth, aka Wes Anderson, is a LA based producer who has become part of this year’s influx of summer disco anthems. He’s remixed Moon Boots, The Hint, Russ Chimes, and Goldroom.

What I like about him is that when asked what music he plays he responded “Dance Music. All the genres confuse me.” There is something redeeming about that. He’s not someone consumed with pleasing the music elite and instead focused on just creating quality dance music.

Check out some of these tracks many of which are available on his facebook page.

Le Youth – Dance With Me

The Hint – Plus One Minus One (Le Youth remix)

Moon Boots – Off My Mind (Le Youth Remix)



It’s May 11th and you know what that means?!?! Absolutely nothing, but it is a Friday and I have two tracks that were released today. We’re rolling with the freshy tropical vibe today.

First up we have a new A.N.D.Y. and Vicente tune that runs strong with the beach and is giving some Nu Disco flare by Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver. Holy snyth bass batman. This one is just perfect for the dancefloor. I love the orginal tune, but this suits my Friday sunshine mood much more. The label, Discotexas (of Lisbon, Portugal) does it again. One of the best out there.

The second track is another remix that’s been blessed by the disco gods. A classic Tina Turner jam is given the horizontal disco treatment from Zimmer. If you don’t know this Parisian I suggest you visit his soundcloud page. TinaTURNUP!!!


Monitor 66 who hail “by the shore” in Sweden says they make music with funky bass lines inspired by sunsets. Sounds pretty perfect to me. I constantly draw inspiration from epic sunsets I’ve just yet to figure out how to use that inspiration… oh wait, I post sunset pics on a music blog constantly. Music often makes me mentally picture nature at its finest. At any rate…

This song “Triscuits” has some well placed samples from the old school tune “Twisted” by Keith Sweat… bringing the 90’s back with that smooth tropical disco sound. They enabled a free DL, but it looks like it will be released on House of Disco Records. Enjoy this one.

Monitor66 – Triscuits

Blue Skies

“Cadillac is an Australian luxury vehicle marque signed to Future Classic. If you like guitar solos, slow mo piano jams and the sounds of baleric, disco, pop and rock then we might have just the vehicle for you.” This is a disco happy remix fit for a Friday by Ray Mang. Just a happy tune to send you on your happy way. After all, the weekend is here.

Cadillac – Blue Skies (Ray Mang Remix)

“Having Disco in your soul will draw other like minded individuals to you like moths to a flame, no matter how far across the universe apart you are. This is the story of four such people, and how they came to bring the funk to you.

Four men, a world apart, bound together by a love of Electro and Disco, swearing an oath to defeat the forces of soulless music and to party harder than anyone has partied before. The excitement that surrounds the group’s releases was evident from day one. The Electro blog world went into meltdown time and time again with each new remix, culminating in their universally acclaimed version of Chromeo’s ‘Hot Mess’, a Nu Disco anthem that shows Ride the Universe at their best, innovative and like someone drove a dump truck full of synth Funk up to your house and deposited it’s cargo on your doorstep.

Having actual musicians in the outfit alongside DJs and producers give ride The Universe the edge on the competition, deep butt shaking basslines and soaring guitar sit happily on the Electro grooves, taking them to the next level.”

Ride The Universe – A Little Better (Ft. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)

Plastic Plates

I just saw PP do his thing live two weeks ago. It truly is one hell of a futuristic disco dance party so I wanted to show you this video to give you a visual. Cheers and Enjoy.

Mark Ronson – “Record Collection” (Plastic Plates Remix)