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Le Youth, who’s been featured here before, has released a new track titled ‘C O O L.’ Dare I say this shit is hot? That’s cheesy, but what isn’t is this dancey track featuring Cassie vocals. Enjoy.

Le Youth – C O O L



The Secret

I’m loving this track today. It’s got a great deep snyth driven bass line with some light airy vocals that just make you want to dance… and goddamnit sometimes that’s the point.

Enjoy this one all the way from the Ukraine. Chea.

Studenkoff & P@D – The Secret

Bonus Track (kind of reminds me of Cinnamon Chaser’s older stuff);

P@D – Golden Wave (Studenkoff Back80’s Mix)


Justin Faust just did a remix for his homeboy Ben Mono & Idiotronic. It’s part of the forthcoming 1992 remixes EP from Ben Mono & Idiotronic  with remixes by Rambla Boys, Justin Faust, Voxels, Housquare & Krmpck.

This is an incredibly catchy remix with a nod to old Chicago house. Apparently Portland isn’t the only place where the 90’s still thrive.

Ben Mono & Idiotronic – 1992 (Justin Faust Remix)


Ichisan recently released an older track that’s been recently tidied up. It is coming out on a CD compilation made for an Amsterdam based fashion label by Mark Buning, the co-owner of Dutch ‘Elevator People’ record label. Check er out.

Ichisan – Ampelmannchen

Pure Space

Unicorn Kid, aka Oliver Sabin, has been producing music since he was 15 now being only 20. Yet another young producer featured here which seems to be somewhat of a theme lately. At any rate, this track was pointed out to by my amazing girlfriend and partner in blog crime over at TheUntzAndTheIndie.

Anything with Unicorn and Space in it will immediately catch my attention, but won’t always hold it. Not in this case. Unicorn Kid creates a soaring cosmic masterpiece. I love the tropical steel drum noises, game boy like synths, and piano. I can see this being the epic and uplifting theme song for some intergalactic dolphin creature… weird? Nah.

Unicorn Kid – Pure Space