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Stroking Walls


It’s only snippet but diggin this remix and soon to be released track from Affect!, originally produced by Alerch. Check it

Alerch – Stroking Walls (Affect! Remix)




Four Tet shares his club version of a track released last year with Jamie xx and Romy. The changes he makes sends this version into the magical make-believe land of musical surrealism.

And listen I get that makes zero sense, but in order to motivate myself to keep posting I’m just gonna post tracks I love regardless of their release date and with no care in the world to try to sound like a real music blog because one, I suck at writing and two, this is ultimately for me  & those who are interested in hearing tracks I share. Have a wonderful day!

Jamie xx + Four Tet + Romy – Seesaw (club version)


Here’s a slow builder off a recent mix I heard. No need for a big drop here with this slow rolling bass. Take me to space!

Jex – Studio E



Well it’s been 4 months since I posted so here’s my feeble attempt at getting back in the game. First up, Com Truise with some cosmic sonic sounds for your ear wholes. YES!

Com Truise – Diffraction