“‘Detroit legends Octave One are back on Electronic Beats TV! With their latest album “Burn It Down” just about to drop, Slices catches up with the Burden brothers to talk about their journey and development, as well as their hardware obsession. The guys have held down their iconic status with classic tunes and remixes on Transmat, Tresor, Underground Resistance and their own 430 West label, and have toured heavily with their energetic live show and aptly named “mothership” of a live setup.

Check out Octave One’s new album “Burn It Down” released on the 26th May 2015!”

Check out this new track below, but first: “Octave One’s set for us last year was phenomenal; the energy, setting and metronomic head twists made it a no-brainer for inclusion in our Best of 2014. If you’re that way inclined, you can hear the story behind how Boiler Room helped relaunch their career in more depth over here [INSERT LINK TO MICHAIL INTERVIEW HERE], as relayed to Derek Plaslaiko and our very own Michail. Seven tracks from Moscow made it onto their new LP, due May 26th, of which “Afterglow” was arguably the strongest.

Much like the towering behemoth of “Blackwater”, it’s a synergy of styles; dozens of boxes chattering away to one another in harmony. Somehow the track manages to be both flinty hard and yet shimmering, the lead curdled and yet crystal-clear. It’s dancefloor TNT, an emphatic return from the brothers Burden. Burn It Down indeed.” – Boiler Room

Octave One – “Afterglow” – Boiler Room Debuts