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The Chants


“JETS sophomore official release, their highly anticipated debut on ULTRAMAJIC see’s the two artists display an approach to production that deals in the paradoxes and

ambiguities of both studio songwriting and raw live performance; a somewhat soothingamalgamation of disproportion, But also weirdly right, evident that despite Edgar and Stewart’s careers sharing striking parallels, they have know each other for…well forever.

The 4-track EP reassembles a long-scattered sketchbook of songwriting confidence that the pair have filled with drawings of cosmic rhythms, experimental sounds and other analogue obsessions.” Here’s Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum’s track, “The Chants.”

Jets – The Chants



“As per its penchant for cyberdelic enigmas, Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic outpost is building a core of secretive producers. After closing out 2014 with a record from unknown newcomer Crystal Bandito, the label will return in 2015 with an offering from semi-anonymous beat maker Aden. The tracks on Tanz, which is the German word for “dance”, are hewn from bouncing drums, vocal yelps, glittering keys, and a few functional white noise-infused breakdowns that pack a solid dose of energy and spirit.” Aden aka Machinedrum. Check it out.

Aden – Hass

Lay Me Down


Ohhhhh here we go. Another smooth and beautiful remix from Maya of a great Sam Smith track. Enjoooooyyy.

Sam Smith – “Lay Me Down” (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Keep Me Alive

Wakarusa 2013 © Spady Photography

TrashJuice favorite Lxury released a track a week or so ago via XLR8R. Check it ouuttttt.

All We Are – Keep Me Alive (Lxury Remix)


Here’s a mix he made that celebrates his new ‘Into The Everywhere’ EP for @Greco-Roman with a Dummy Mix veering between spry dancefloor tracks and leftfield passages.


Ohhhh lawwwddy here’s a great remix from Machinedrum of Tropics’ new track ‘Blame.’ It slowly builds and ultimately erupts in a track that is combining juke and hip hop elements. Enjoy and Happy Friday.

Tropics – Blame (Machinedrum Remix)