So beyond my love for electronic music I also have a taste for the band Phish (as well as a ton of other music in that realm electronic influenced or not). Well I just came back from an 8 show run in 10 days which also included 2 other shows of different bands (Greensky Bluegrass and The Werks). So anyways, I’ll be back to posting music. First up, The New Deal. I had just missed their Thursday show in Vegas this pat week, but I’ll definitely be catching their two show run in San Francisco come January.

‘Two years after the end of a successful fourteen-year run of over 1000 live shows, The New Deal has announced a return to American festival stages in the summer of 2014 and now a Winter run.

the NEW DEAL first began in Toronto in 1999, and came up through the American Jam scene in the decade that followed. Since the theNEWDEAL’s beginning, it has been hard to categorize this band, which shows in the wide range of artists that they have played with (Everyone from Herbie Hancock to the Roots, from Moby to Fatboy Slim). A long-time staple of the Jam scene, theNEWDEAL’s improvisational interpretation of Electro House, Trance, Breakbeat and Drum & Bass has brought traditionally electronic music to the live music scene, adding a “human element” and vibrance that can sometimes get lost in the sea of computerized perfection.’

Here is a new track off their upcoming album which will be the first album release in 11 years!!!!

the NEW DEAL – Sabotage the System