Another summer jam for you today courtesy of Toyboy & Robin. These guys consistantly put out top notch house tracks full with emotion and melody. This time is’s a remix of a band called Coasts. What’s great about hearing this remix is it’s also gotten me into the band so I have some listening to do. Thye’ve got some great tracks. Since Toyboy & Robin have been featured here a ton here’s a bit about the band.

Conceived in 2011 in the crypt of a church, the Bristol-born 5 piece have resolutely resisted the overtures of the major record companies and embarked on a unique and independent path. COASTS’ anthem Oceans (remixed here‚ has now had over 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud and their next step is world domination – their way!

Coasts – Oceans (Toyboy & Robin Remix)