I used to listen to this tune a ton having heard it in a mix a while ago. It somehow recently popped up in my head today and now here it is for all of you to enjoy.

“The idea that “weird” music must be made by people on drugs is an irritating cliché. There are, however, some tracks that really make you wonder what was going on in the studio, and back in 2006 ‘Fox in the Box’ was definitely one of them, sporting lyrics such as “I never heard about the fox in the box but I heard about the shit in the fridge”. Back then the track didn’t make too big a splash, but it’s a real gem with a housey feel and bubbling bassline so it’s great to see Rebirth bringing it back in 2008 with a batch of fresh remixes.

It’s a real sign of how things have changed that a track which was probably too housey for most in 2006 has to be remixed in 2008 to make it more housey, but that’s what the re-edit by Skylark did.

Skylark‘s vocal mix is a subtle update to the original, very much in the ‘Oslo’ style, injecting a little more swing into the beats and the bass, trading the stabs from the original for housier chords and stripping back the rambling vocal to key elements. It’s decent enough, but a bit lacking in character.”

UND – Fox In The Box (Skylark Remix)