I’ve been poking around with Ulysses all day who’s track with Filipsson, ‘Fluffy Amadeus’ happens to be on of my all time favorites. I’m sure it was posted here some time ago.

“Ulysses collaborates with Thugfucker’s Holmar Filipsson as “Filipsson & Ulysses”, who have released soon-to-be classic EPs of emotive electronic disco on Internasjonal and Bearfunk Records. Ulysses still continues to chart his own musical path with an incredible EP of dark Pop for Internasjonal Spesial, as well as some new club-friendly dance tracks on Wurst and a number of remixes.

His music suggests the nostalgic fun of yesterday’s classics without ever overlooking the new sounds of today. Its Ulysses’ unique combination of Dance music’s history and dance music’s ever-changing nature that makes him a unique force in Dance music.”

Ulysses & Filipsson – Fluffy Amadeus

Mano Le Tough – Started Running (Ulysses & Filipsson Remix)

Filipsson & Lindblad – Belfast (Ulysses Remix) 

Remain & Mlle Caro – Heat (Ulysses & Filipsson Remix)

Ulysses & Filipsson – The Endless