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Doin’ Time

VOODOO Farm… where you have been they ask?!?

Up until yesterday, I thought my good buddy, videographer, and intergalactic beat maker, Liam Dirlam, was lost to us eager music listeners forever. But alas, he’s back with a track that will be getting airplay through the next few months and ultimately find it’s way as the summer anthem.

Liam Dirlam gives Sublime a completely new look and feel. While Bradley Nowell’s sampled voice gets the most attention don’t sleep on the Jackson 5, The Supremes, Four Tops and Isley Brothers samples. Shit they are more I can’t pick up on at the moment… a galactic summery cocktail if you will that’ll have your clothes in under 5 minutes.

VOODOO FARM’s music is delicious as always, but we can’t sleep on the multi-talented Dirlam’s video making skills. In his words, “My latest music video is made entirely from still photos (no video footage used) that I shot in high-speed “bursts” on my Canon 7D while roadtrippin’ from DC to LA in Feb ’13.

I think we sometimes forget how crazy fucking beautiful this country is from coast to coast– I was hoping to capture some of that on this journey.

Special thanks to my super-talented homies Johnny BLK (bass, guitars, vocals) and Matt Dolliver (sax) for consistently breathing new life into my music. Artists I sampled on this one include: Sublime, The Supremes, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Snoop, The Isley Brothers, J Dilla, Aaron Neville, and the Jackson 5.”

Sublime – Doin’ Time (VOODOO FARM REMIX)





Com Truisin’

First up, Com Truise performs ‘Glawio’ during his set last year at Check Yo Ponytail in Los Angeles at the Echoplex.

Next up we have a remix from Com Truise of a Hollow and Akimbo track from the Singularity EP, available 1/28/2014.

Hollow & Kimbo – Singularity (Com Truise Remix)

And last, but certainly not least here’s the track ‘Subsonic” off the Wave 1 EP. From The Ghostly Store (where you can purchase the EP): “Wave 1 is the first new transmission the world has received from producer Seth Haley since his gloriously futuristic debut album Galactic Melt. That album cataloged the genesis and evolution of Haley’s alter ego Com Truise — the world’s first synthetic/robotic astronaut, as Haley described him — and this EP continues the character’s journey into the outer reaches of the musical multiverse. In the process, it also builds on Haley’s signature production style, one that’s rooted in classic sci-fi sounds and analogue textures but nevertheless manages to sound utterly contemporary.

The EP takes its name from the newly discovered galaxy to which the intrepid astronaut’s voyages take him, and there certainly seems to be a narrative structure to its sequencing.”

Com Truise – Subsonic


‘Italian wonderboys Moonwalk have already been making waves with releases on Diynamic, Defected and Electronique and we are very excited to have them on the label with “Outcross”, a bass driven monster with great spoken vocals and an overall disco vibe that will put everyone on their feet inmediately.’ – OFF Recordings

Moonwalk – Outcross 



Every now and then a remix comes along that instantly captivates you. Immediately your feelings change, your mood brightens, and your momentarily forget what you’re doing and where you are. This Stevie remix from Dilemmachine is one of those for me.

I’m knee deep in a pile of work, but I can’t stop from having to share this one right now.

Dilemmachine (aka JasonH) is an electronic music producer as well as a skilled musician, songwriter, engineer, and DJ who hails from the North Bay Area right here in Cali. It’s my first introduction to him, but I’ll be following from here on out. What a great start to the week musically.

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Dilemmachine Remix)

Zsa Zsa


Here’s a remix of new Blamma! Blamma! track featuring Kristina Train. ‘In form duo, Psychemagik serve up a funk-laden remix oozing real class. Morphed guitars and synths drive the track, providing a futuristic tone.’

Blamma! Blamma! feat. Kristina Train – Zsa Zsa (Psychemagik Remix)



I was going through old Dimensions Festival highlight videos and came across this track from Mahs. Dimensions was in Pula, Croatia off the Adriatic coast. After I went to the festi in 2012 I stopped in Rovinj for a night  (pictured above).

From Mahs:

“The aim for this track was to create a club-ready production that incorporated artistic style without losing significance at Dimensions Festival.

Context influenced tempo and encouraged the progressive nature of the track. Particular artistic focus was placed on avoiding a four to the floor kick pattern and building upon previously tried sounds without achieving the same sonic results as before.

The vocal was chosen in order to encourage emotive appeal (and manipulated in an effort to place a form of stylistic fingerprint/distinction on vocal arrangement within this style of music). The vocal is sampled from a digital white-label a cappella, which has no licensing. Hopefully rights will not be an issue.”

Mahs – 1m 

Bonus Tracks:

Mahs – What I Wanna Do

Mahs – Always